[H] Thrall - 3/8m MW LF mythic farm/prog team

Disclaimer, I am not looking for a guild but just a team to join for farm. I would like to clear mythic if I can

Im a 436 MW that has cleared 3/8m and not much else. I was pretty new to the raiding scene when my guild took a chance on me. For about a month we prepared and progressed on the first 3 bosses. When classic released the guild basically died. We are now on break until 8.3. I would love to get cutting edge this season if any core raiding team would take a sub.


Oh also I cant link right now, but just search my name Oxfyrd-Thrall on warcraftlogs for my logs.

We are looking for experienced healers.

If you want to pay for a server transfer I can help, but otherwise I’ll have to pass.

Good luck on your search!