[H] Thrall 3/8 M BoD 415 MW Monk + 412 Prot Pally LF guild


Howdy y’all.

I’ve been raiding since Legion and my partner has been raiding since Cataclysm. We’ve been apart of our current guild since Nighthold and have raided consistently from then till now, but we’ve also done M+ and Timewalking, Achievement runs—You name it. Each raid tier since Nighthold we have dabbled in Mythic but we usually don’t get very far due to guildies getting burnt out of the raid.

Our current guild is breaking till the new raid since several people are no longer interested in playing BFA and are waiting on Classic. We’ve essentially ran into a roster issue, and nobody gets on to recruit so it’s usually myself and my partner online only. To sum it up, we’re interested in finding a guild who will allow us to run with them for some time, and should the two of us decide on it, we may even join the guild we run with if they are interested.

Stuff about us

We have gotten AOTC each raid tier, and we are interested in mythic raiding.
Prefer staying on Thrall.
Prefer staying Horde.
Prefer two-day raiding guild.
Prefer raiding from 8PM EST to 11:30PM EST.
STRONGLY prefer active guild community.


My toons are:
415 Mistweaver Monk
~387 Resto Shaman

My partner’s toons are:
412 Prot Pally
414 Guardian Druid
380 Brewmaster Monk

Interested or have questions? Hit us up on bnet



Hey all, just wanted to say that I’m willing to play anything needed – those are just my most geared characters listed. Tanking is what I normally do but I’m willing to switch it up as well if needed.


Still looking!


Still looking.


We’re still looking! Again, if any questions, please reach out to us on bnet!