[H ]The Vortex - Thrall - 5/8M Recruiting DPS

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Good morning :smiley:

Still in need of quality ranged applicants.

Hello, world!

How you be, mon?

Clever bump ice.

Swiggity swooty, comin for that ranged booty

Still in need of quality ranged players.

He’s back, back again!

Who feels like pew-pewing bosses from ranged!?

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7% wipe on Queen’s Court, if only we didn’t have eight melee :wink:

Good morning! :slight_smile:

McDonald’s McCafe is the best coffee - prove me wrong (and app on your way)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Herro friends <3

Herrro! QC dies tonight.

QC down, still looking for quality players.

New week new u :wink: