[H] The Renaissance Thrall - Recruiting DPS 8/8H - Filling Mythic Roster

Looking for exceptional recruits. Mythic experience highly preferred. Also looking for community members who want to participate in Mythic +, weekend heroic raids/alt raids, and other activities with guildies.

About the Guild:

The Renaissance is a guild on Thrall (US) Horde. We’re a guild of adult raiders who like to raid twice a week. We have a positive environment where members help each other and are willing to accept constructive criticism. Personal responsibility for understanding/following mechanics and continuous improvement are expected.

Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. We rarely may extend raid times for 30mins if we’re close to progress. We will not add extra days or EXPECT raiders to maintain multiple geared alts.

We’re looking for skilled recruits who have the same goals and mindset that we do. If you are a player who raids strictly for personal progression and gear this is not the guild for you. If you are looking to evaluate your gameplay, constantly strive to improve, unafraid to ask questions, want to work as a team, and have a willingness to learn then this is the place for you.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm Server (EST)

8/8 H EP, 3/8 M EP


All DPS considered. High: Mage/Disc Priest/Holy Pally

All exceptional players. We will evaluate all applications, Mythic experience and applicants with provided logs will be given preference.

Minimum requirements:

Item Level: 430

Neck Level: 60

Mythic experience strongly preferred, but not required.


You can contact us via discord or bnet for more information or to apply:

Application: ~https://bit.ly/2ODvaA1

Massias(GM) - Bnet: xdhtf#1400, Discord:Massias#6547
Moogrimm - Bnet: Shecter#1336, Discord: Moogrimm#3590
Heedlessone - Bnet: Sunofnothing#1873, Discord: Sunofnothing#3454

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