[H] The Remaining Few - 10/10H LFM Tues/Thurs 9pm-12am EST

[H] The Remaining Few - 10/10H LFM
Greetings, The Remaining Few is a casual AOTC focused guild made up of veteran players who have gamed together for many years(some of us all the way back to EQ!). We are a chill, friendly, older(30+) crowd looking to fill out our roster and progress. Our main goal is to have fun while getting things done!

Our raid times are:
Tues/Thurs 9pm-12am EST main raid
Friday 9pm-12am EST optional for normal/alt raid

We are currently looking for the following, but always willing to consider other classes/specs:
Ranged DPS
Holy Paladin w/ Ret offspec
Disc/Holy w/ Shadow offspec
Havoc Demon Hunter
Arms/Fury Warrior

Contact info:
In-game(Area 52 Horde): Kaprina, Impewnity, Ilmpewnity or Warders
Discord: Kaprina#0944, Warders#3439
Bnet: Kaprina#1116, Warders#1892

Still looking for people to join us.

Still looking for people to join us.

Updated recruit needs and 10/10H now!