[H] The Nightmen US-Area 52 [H]

Out here promoting Georges Avocado Burger 5 STARS.

Still Looking!

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I’m a better healer than nutts, that’s why y’all should join :heart:


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doesn’t hurt to ask if your position isn’t listed as a desired spec or role

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I like toitels

Hey Remikona,

as for Warrior, we are looking for either Fury or Arms.

Still Looking!

1/8M Balance and Guardian druid. Been running Guardian since Cata but always kept my Balance spec in working order. I’d prefer to tank eventually but I’ve ran Balance for progression before. Looking for Tue/Wed raiding.

Still Looking!

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still looking for more active players, you don’t have to be a raider or mythic plus runner to come join us

keep em coming

BUMP!!! Still have open spots to fill. Contact me with any questions. Thanks

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Still considering new blood. Contact any of the officers. Let’s go!!!

this is patrick

you’re not the boss of me

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