[H] The Night Witches are recruiting!

I know, I’m sorry that happened! Politics is too serious for me too. : ^ (


Well, Draconomus, I do, personally, support Antifa and their methods, but I am not affiliated with them or the Night Witches, and I do not speak for them.

I am a white man from generations of coal miners, railroaders, farmers and Marines. I was the first man in my family to finish high school and earn a college degree. My wife is a veteran. We raise our own animals and feed our family from the land we work on, every day. We are gun-owners, hunters, active members of our rural community (which is very pro-Trump; we are not). And I deeply believe in talk and peaceful protest as a means to coming to understand one another is the ideal, and that it often works. People’s minds can be changed. However, it is my experience and deep belief that, at the end of the day, you better be willing to fight for those things about which you feel compelled to talk, otherwise it’s just, well, talk.

I would like to conclude by pointing out that Antifa are not pro-communist or anti-white. Some members most certainly identify as communist. I know of none that are, “anti-white,” though. Certainly they are anti white supremacy. Also, they are not a centralized organization with a charter, so it’s a fools errand to generalize their group make-up or agenda too broadly.

In sum, I hope I’ve been clear enough. I’ve never purposefully dodged a question in my life, but my wife does convincingly argue that I don’t always hear/read (and therefore respond), correctly. She went to law school after the Navy, so she’s way smarter than me.

For the rest of you following this thread, I apologize and recognize my part in taking this off the rails. I’m sorry. It was a rainy day, here, so I guess I just had ants in my pants.

Fight well, everyone, and fight well --TOGETHER-- no matter who you vote for. It’s not important. What’s important is contributing to the lives of those around you, in your guilds, in your communities, and keeping conversations civil – even when you want to punch someone in the nose. It’s a life skill, I guess.

Over and out,
Maprog of Razor Hill


Hey man, appreciate your honesty. Thanks for sharing!

Would they really be chill and supportive if I had right wing leanings and expressed that in guild chat/discord if they were discussing a relevant topic?

If not, are they really being “inclusive”?

Seems like a really weird way to promote your guild.


Let me make this statement as the GM of Night Witches, so that it is perfectly clear. We support Antifa and any other groups that fight against facism, and we reject your logical fallacies of comparing them to the very fascists they fight. To do so suggests a fundamental ignorance of what facism is and what it looks like in the modern day.


Thank you very much!

You said I have a “fundamental ignorance” of what Fascism is. Would you, as the leader of an Antifa-supporting guild, like to explain what your definition of Fascism is? Please help me overcome my “fundamental ignorance” of the issue, I’m willing to learn.


Buddy we are Antifa. I’m the president of Antifa.


Good to know!

Fascism is a set of ideologies and practices that seeks to place the nation, defined in exclusive biological, cultural, and/or historical terms, above all other sources of loyalty, and to create a mobilized national community. Fascist nationalism is reactionary in that it entails implacable hostility to socialism and feminism, for they are seen as prioritizing class or gender rather than nation. This is why fascism is a movement of the extreme right. Fascism is also a movement of the radical right because the defeat of socialism and feminism and the creation of the mobilized nation are held to depend upon the advent to power of a new elite acting in the name of the people, headed by a charismatic leader, and embodied in a mass, militarized party. Fascists are pushed towards conservatism by common hatred of socialism and feminism, but are prepared to override conservative interests - family, property, religion, the universities, the civil service - where the interests of the nation are considered to require it. Fascist radicalism also derives from a desire to assuage discontent by accepting specific demands of the labour and women’s movements, so long as these demands accord with the national priority. Fascists seek to ensure the harmonization of workers’ and women’s interests with those of the nation by mobilizing them within special sections of the party and/or within a corporate system. Access to these organizations and to the benefits they confer upon members depends on the individual’s national, political, and/or racial characteristics. All aspects of fascist policy are suffused with ultranationalism.


Thank you for your explanation.


Lotta bait being thrown around this thread and not a single fishing pole in sight.


As toxic as it is to bring real world politics into a fantasy mmorpg, Night Witches people are pretty nice and easy going when I bump into them in Azeroth. Is the constant mention of politics insufferable? Definitely. But things could be worse…

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Also, Lärm was a great band. :wink:

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May I ask how I can join the Guild ?


step 1: be horde
step 2: be cool* and nice
step 3: dm any of the officers listed in the op
step 4: party

*being cool is extremely optional.


The only minority group Night Witches discriminate against are gamers - perhaps the most persecuted group of all.


death to capitalism.