[H] The Night Witches are recruiting!

<Night Witches> is a guild of leftist & LGBTQIA+ players which has created an inclusive gaming community free of toxicity. We have over 150 active members, including a raiding team with openings that we’re currently actively recruiting for.

Raid Completion: 10/10 MC | Ony | 8/8 BWL

Raid Times: Wednesday 8-11pm EST, Sunday 7-10pm EST

Raid Loot: Loot Council, with elected class leaders as reps.

Raid is currently full, but please ask!

Always open to dedicated, non-guildie raider allies.

Raiders are expected to do the basics: A) sign up/show up on time, B) generally know how to play their class, and C) have a willingness to take instruction and/or constructive criticism. We aren’t a hardcore min-maxing guild, however; we want you to choose a race, class and spec based on your interests, and we welcome theorycrafters. We prioritize everybody having fun and enjoying playing what they play.

Not a raider? No problem! We’re widely engaged in all aspects of Classic World of Warcraft, with crafting, farming, dungeon runs, and world PVP. We have support for new and leveling mains and alts. So even if you don’t want to raid, there’s plenty of other activities going on.

TL;DR: If you’d like to play an MMO with an inclusive, toxicity-free leftist guild, check us out. We are doing amazing things and we need more comrades.

If interested or if you have general questions, contact any of the following in game:
Oshosi, Aronova, Khendi, Meliora, KarsaOrlongg or Zarcy


What do you define as “the toxicity”?


If I lean to the right, can I join or are you only inclusive of those that you don’t exclude?


Toxicity might include things like people feeling a need to challenge and make accusations about a guild that is not even in their faction.



been playing warcraft since 2005 and I can confirm - Night Witches are by far the chillest and most supportive folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of raiding with. great guild to join if you enjoy having fun and not posting cringe.


But you are a Night Witch. You would have a direct reason to speak well of your own guild, wouldn’t you?

Do you guys support Antifa? Just want to understand how Leftist of a guild we’re talking here.

As long as we’re respectful to each other’s viewpoints, and speak in a respectful way towards one another, there isn’t any reason not to ask questions. That’s what the forums are for, and it was the OP who brought up politics and Leftism in general.


Sincere question: when did it become leftist to support an Anti-Fascist movement?


Since always:

https: // en. wikipedia. org / wiki / Antifa_(United_States)


fascism? not good, it turns out.

raiding with the Night Witches? absolutely delightful.


Sorry. I guess I wasn’t clear in the beginning.

My question wasn’t if you like or dislike Fascism. My question was do you, as a guild, support Antifa, the radical pro-communist anti-white extremist Leftist organization?

I look forward to your response, thanks!


To be clear, I did not speak to membership, just support for protesting and standing up to fascism. Indeed, groups identifying themselves as, “Antifa,” do tend to also identity as politically left. No debate about that.

My question is about support. When did supporting anti-fascist organizations become anything other than mainstream? When did protecting fascist ideologies become okay?

Maybe a better question would be, “do you support the methods those who identify themselves as Antifa use to protest and fight back against fascism?” That feels like a reasonable question in a world where, I hope, we can all agree that to fight fascism is to fight the good fight.

Speaking of fighting, FIGHT WELL! All of you. Even the smelly, stinky humans in the bunch!


Lol, we were apparently typing at the same time. :slight_smile: Obviously I cannot speak to this, so I’ll defer to others. I’m glad we can all agree that fighting fascism is the good fight, whether or not we agree on the ablest strategy for doing so.

It reminds me of Warsong Gulch. Do we fight those stinky, smelly humans mid? Do we go ramp? 10-ball or 3-4-3? So many possibilities.

See WSG strategies and the destruction of fascism go hand! We just have to agree upon how to go about securing victory aaaaand…that could take a while.

For the Horde!

Hey Drac,

I like you. You post very fair and balanced stuff on here.

However I do not know what you are doing here. Being leftist does not necessarily mean you support Antifa anymore then being right wing means you support facism or the Klan.

As far as I can see or have heard, Nights Witches have a leftwing mentality and encourage like minded people to join.

Unless you go in and start arguing and abusing people then I doubt they care if you are right wing, moderate or a-political.

I presume this but I imagine they take a zero-tolerance policy of the casual use of slurs and toxic words that are commonplace in WoW, a lot of other guilds do not. Casual homophobia, trans-phobia, racism. It happens (I myself am guilty of letting a lot slide).

They are pretty open with what they are, I do not think it needs over analyzing.


Once again, you are dodging the question. Conflating Antifa with “fighting Fascism” is a logical fallacy, especially considering that Antifa goes out of its way to shut down free speech by right wingers and pro-Trump supporters, which many would argue is in itself “fascist.”

Conflating the extremist organization, Antifa, with the concept of “fighting fascism,” is not a logical conclusion and therefore irrelevant to my original question, which I ask once again:

Do you, the Night Witches, support the militant Leftist, pro-communist and anti-white organization, Antifa?

If you respond, please do not attempt to dodge my question. A simple yes or no will suffice.


Hello Sir Zarrene, and well met to you, sir. I like you too!

You are correct: being Leftist does not at all mean that you support Antifa, anymore than being right wing means that you support fascism or the Klan.

But I have a small problem, Sir Zarrene: the members of this guild, the Night Witches, do not want to admit even this basic logical truth, with a simple “no, we do not support Antifa or other anti-white, pro-communist extremist hate groups.”

When they were just bragging a minute ago about being a “Leftist guild,” why are they suddenly silent when I ask them a simple, easy to answer question regarding Antifa? Which of course leads me to believe that they DO support Antifa, at least tacitly if not more so, and therefore they support communism, anti-white racism, anti-Christianity, general hatred for right wingers, and advocacy of violence against anyone who openly disagrees with their ideology.

As for over-analyzing, it’s not. It’s just a few simple questions I’ve posited for the sake of understanding where this guild is coming from, since they themselves are the ones who marketed their guild as a “Leftist guild.”


… what’s the point here ? that’s clearly polution and useless talk in a recruitment thread.

Antifa and Klan, what the hell is this ? Do you guys know there’s crazy dark iron dwarves, rampaging elementals and freakin dragons outta here ?

I mean, cool cool antifa but it won’t help at all here :open_mouth: BUT more warriors would do wayyyyy better to get that Ony head.


This, right here, is exactly my point: why are we talking about politics? Why do they bring it up in the first place, if not to push their ideology upon others? Why won’t they answer my simple, easy to answer questions regarding their worldview? Are they afraid of my questions?

What do they have to hide?


Because that’s boring and useless.

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If you’re bored, you’re boring.

Not saying you’re boring, per se. Just that they’re words to live by. You don’t have to participate in the conversation if you find it boring. ; ^ )

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I wanted to read the recruitment thread but since i’m too curious i kept reading and reading. :slight_smile:
but that way too serious and it hurts now.