[H] The Next Episode is Recruiting!


1 Resto Shaman
1 Warlock

Also looking to recruit other skilled & knowledgable memebers!

First off we would like to say that with the world in such a crazy place right now we really want a community in game that can help support and help create a place you can escape from and have some fun! We want to get stuff done but we also realize this is a game and people want to make friendships, raid and get some sweet gear!

The Next Episode is a Horde guild made up of active, experienced, accomplished WoW players with excellent game knowledge. We strive to be competitive on the raid scene. We also have a strong focus on community, helping guild members progress and meet their personal goals whatever they may be; (attunements, items farms, gold farm, fishing, cooking, ganking some dirt bag alliance ect.) lets get that stuff done!

We are willing to help raid-hopeful members become competent and as knowledgeable as possible as long as you show initiative and are willing to put in some leg work to attain that goal. We are NOT a raid school.

Raid Schedule:
Wed / Thurs / Sun (if we need) 8pm - 11pm

Loot Distribution:
We currently are using a pick-3 loot system.

Raid Expectations:
Knowledge of your class
Prepared with buffs and consumable
Understanding of your BiS items
Correct Add-ons
Be able to analyze personal performance with drive to better oneself
Ability to take constructive criticism
Mature, respectful behavior, no drama

Please feel free to post here or contact privately!
in game: Garami or Iamrag
Discord: Garami#6590

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We have chicken too

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Fun group of players along with a refreshing loot system. Join us!

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Bump!! Still looking to fill our last couple slots!

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Bump! Come join us!!!

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Having a blast! Looking for a couple more… hit us up!!

Great group of dudes. Come join!

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