H <The House> Bids you welcome!

Greetings, Champions!
Qult, Disciple of Rexxar wishes you and your beastly companions clear skies and fair winds. The House has been together since WoW Classic was given its first breath by Elune and will be here when the Earth-mother reclaims it. Many heroes come and gone as the seasons changed leaving a void in their absence and their companions lost. There are many uncertainties in this hostile land but The House is not one of them. Our Tribe is filled with passionate, driven and devoted champions of the Horde that have forged their names into the histories of this sacred land.

We are seeking Stalwart Defenders, Skilled Combatants and Mystical Menders to join our tribe as we delve into long forgotten caverns, Crumbling fortresses and vile necropolis. We have seen many powerful forces fall before our might. Ragnaros the Lord of Fire was vanquished back to the elemental plane once more, Nefarian, The eldest brood of the crazed black aspect Deathwing has seen his end atop Blackrock Mountain and countless foes old and new have seen their end at our hands. All of these momentous events and the effort to cleanse Azeroth of all who would see her fall will only happen when we band together as a single beacon of light in these dark times.

Our current raid schedule is Wednesday (1800-2100 Server) and Sunday (Noon-1600 Server). Please reach out if you possess the strength of will to endure the challenges ahead. Join our fellowship to see each threat to our beloved land fall before our Swords, Staves and Claws. Azeroth can be a cold place, Heroes. So grab an ale and gather around our hearth as we share adventures and build lasting relationships with many fond memories to look back on in the years to come.

May your journey be filled with Fair Winds and Clear Skies, Champions! Send word to a member of The House if you require additional information!

Qult, Disciple of Rexxar - The House

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