[H] <The Grateful Undead> Recruiting Heroic Raiders DPS needed!

Heroic Raiders

Who we are: [H] US- Tichondrius is a casual raiding and PVE guild that is looking for new and returning players with a thirst for PvE content!

What we need: We’re looking for healers, and dps to fill out our raid night roster as we begin our journey into DragonFlight. We’re also recruiting all specs and players for our Mythic+ groups throughout the week.

Our philosophy is that we are an AoTC guild. We don’t pressure our raiders to push any harder than that. Many of our raiders have responsibilities outside of Azeroth and we want to respect everyone’s time. We are currently raiding two nights a week.

We’re just as, if not more so, interested in fostering a welcoming and friendly environment where members can learn to execute at their highest potential while having a great time with teammates. This includes achievement hunting, mount farming, or Mythic +. Most of our guild met here in Azeroth and we’re always looking for new faces in our community and discord.

Returning or new player looking for a casual raid/M+ guild? Look no further. Ride dragons with us in 10.0!


Raid: 2 days a week / 2hrs per day


BN: tumblefoot#11575 - Guild Master
Discord: Tumblefoot#5910

BN: Luma#11704 - Recruitment Officer
Discord: Luma#1101

Thanks for reading! Have a great week

Bump. Raid leader here. Come hang fam.

You guys still doing recruiting?

we are! hit us up in game or disc

dragons are coming

Lets go!!!

Added you on Discord.

ride dragons with us!

Hello, added Luma to discord and in game, I’m trying to find out if raids would possibly be after 6pm PST on weekdays.

Thank you

Disc: Rhazgull#4495

Can’t wait for some M+ dragons

Interested. What are your expected raid timings?Looking for a late night guild on that frame.

We are locked in on Tuesday night and will be deciding on Wednesday or Thursday. We normally start at 6pm server/9pm east coast.

elevator boss?

lock cookies please

Am interested

Disc: Toystore#6873

We are interested

Why didn’t you lust?

lets gooooooo!

Hi, I am planning to move to this server before launch. I will play either bm hunter or havoc dh. Right now my mage is on the server so can I join the guild as a trial during pre-patch and decide whether I will join permanently?

sure hit me up in game