[H] <The Gaymers> 4/11M (SoD: 7/10M) LGBT+ friendly recruiting DPS! [US-Mal'Ganis]

The Gaymers is a newer CE-focused guild on Mal’ganis (Est October 2020). If you are part of the LGBT+ community or an ally, and want to raid semi-hardcore, then we are the place for you. We are looking to recruit for our CE-focused raid team and casual/M+ community as well. We are building a home for raiders to relax and keep the atmosphere focused on progression AND acceptance, so we can socialize and express ourselves without fear of hate or slurs.

Our Recruiting is open to all classes/specs, but at the moment we have immediate core spots open for these classes/specs specifically:

- 3x DPS [any class, high preference for Ranged, especially Ele Shammies, Mages, or Moonkins]
…exceptional players are always welcome to apply, regardless of class!

Raid Schedule:

Sunday & Monday:
7p - 10p Pacific
9pm - Midnight Central (Server time)
10p - 1am Eastern
*Raid times will never be extended past these hours, and raiding outside of them will never be required.

General requirements for raiders include:

-LGBTQ+ friendly. No racism/homophobia/ableism/etc.
-Mature players (Pref 21+)
-Ability to adapt and overcome.
-Desire & passion to get better every day
-Ability to use Discord, with a working mic, to call for mechanics if needed.
-Making sure to check up on our discord channels for updates on raid strategies.
-Must be willing to post out if you will be unable to attend a raid.

We understand real life takes priority so a simple heads up in the attendance channel of Discord will suffice. If you cannot keep a minimum raid attendance of 85%, then this guild might not be the right fit for you.


Recruitment Officer, Raid Leader, & GM:
Krystalline#1901 (same for both Btag & DiscTag)

------------------------- Guild History: -------------------------
Sepulcher of the First Ones progression kills:

  • M Artificer Xy’mox - 05/02/2022 US 724
  • M Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle - 4/25/2022 US 748
  • M Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener - 4/11/2022 US 755
  • M Vigilant Guardian - 4/5/2022 US 695

Sanctum of Domination progression kills:

  • M Guardian - 2/6/2022 US 1042
  • M Painsmith - 1/30/22 US 1069
  • M Soulrender - 12/13/21 US 1459
  • M Remnant - 10/18/21 US 1526
  • M The Nine - 9/20/21 US 1874
  • M The Eye - 9/13/21 US 1927
  • M Terragrue - 7/18/21 US 1010
  • 10/10H - 8/23/21

Castle Nathria progression kills:

  • M Council - 6/14/21 US 1695
  • M Inerva - 5/3/21
  • M Artificer - 4/12/21
  • M Sun King - 4/5/21
  • M Hungering - 3/7/21
  • M Huntsman - 2/21/21
  • M Shriekwing - 1/25/21
  • 10/10H - 2/15/21

Join us! One of us! One of us! Join the fun :D!

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Yay new guildies!

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anyone else love Soulrender prog? I weirdly do.

Bumping because I love this. <3

bump for soulrender prog kill! YAY!

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best pull on progression of Painsmith: 30% with only about 100 pulls! Let’s go team! :slight_smile:

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22% on Paindaddy! Let’s gooooo

bump for both Paindaddy and Guardian kills! Let’s gooooo


Application submitted on your link :slight_smile:

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We’ve got a pretty good roster coming next tier, but we’re always happy for more raiders!

Woo hoo! Heroic Lihuvim down! Let’s goooo! Just looking for some more DPS to really pop off!

Time to pierce top 500 US this week! I can FEEL it.

Just about to jump into top 700 lets gooooo!