[H] <THE ETERNAL> 2/10M LOOKING FOR MORE! 8-10:30 Server

The Eternal is looking for exceptional DPS and Healer trials as we continue our push into Mythic. We’re 10/10 Heroic and 2/10M. We raid 8-10:30 server time on Wednesday and Friday.

Even though we have a condensed raiding schedule, we get stuff done. We’re a fun bunch, but we don’t waste time. We approach bosses tactically, and adapt as we progress, instead of throwing ourselves at a problem until the boss is dead.

Our team also pushes keys, with members having shadowlands KSM, and have some avid PVPers in our ranks.

We have a second casual raid at 8-10:30 server on Monday and Tuesday, who are currently 7/10 heroic. Apply here if you’re looking for a more relaxed raiding experience, but have still mastered your class.

Contact Us:
Battle tag: gowface#1310

Team is making good progress on hungering! Both teams are still recruiting - especially DPS DKs for the Wednesday/Friday team.