[H] <The Church> Illidan Tu/Wed 8:30-11:30pm Central LF DPS for Dragonflight

Class needs updated!

Come help us hit 9.2 with a bang!

2/11 heroic down on night one, and would love some great ranged DPS!

Still looking, another warrior would be great to have!

Back to the top!

Class needs updated.

Feel free to reach out!

Still looking for quality DPS!

still recruiting mages?

Yes we are.

Looking for dps, always. Come knock somebody out of my windfury group.

Looking for great DPS!

Still looking for great DPS!

Like making health bars go left instead of right? Hit me up!

Still looking, would especially love a great boomkin!

Now looking for a great healer or two in addition to DPS!

Still looking!

I applied via your guild website.

Would love a great holy paladin or priest!

Still looking!