[H] <The Church> Illidan Tu/Wed 8:30-11:30pm Central LF DPS for Dragonflight

looking for dk (dps) and ranged dps

Play DPS? Let’s talk.

Still looking for great DPS!

Spots still open, especially for a solid DK.

Feel free to reach out.

Recruitment needs updated.

Back to the top!

Still looking for great DPS!

Still looking!

Still looking for great DPS!

still looking for that dk and range dps

Come help us push in 9.2!

Still looking for those sweet sweet dps!

Spots still open!

Pitter patter. Let’s get at 'er.

who wants to dps?

Is 9.2 yet?

looking for some good ole dps for 9.2

The groundhog saw its shadow - 6 more weeks of 9.1.5 (probably, maybe, soon™). Plenty of time to join us for 9.2!

@quadraxes I friend requested you on disc to chat :slight_smile: