[H] THE BOOSTED ANIMALS - 9/10 SoD H - LFM Raiders for Heroic - Mon 10 PM to 1 AM server

The Boosted Animals are now recruiting!

We’re a group of like-minded friends clearing up to Heroic content. We have no desire to push up to mythic at all. Heroic is our “end game.” We run keys, play other games together, and of course raid. We’re currently 9/10 SoD Heroic and obtained AoTC for Castle Nathria back in February.

We’re looking to fill out our roster. A demon hunter and monk are some stand out classes we need. DPS/Heals are our primary interest and at this time we have no need for a tank main

Raid nights are scheduled for Monday nights starting at 10 PM to 1 AM server.

  • We ask you be 18 or older.
  • Discord is required for communication. The bulk of our activity takes place in Discord and it is required for raid along with a working headset and mic.
  • An ilvl close to 230 for heroic, a legendary for your spec, and renown relatively caught up if you intend to raid.

If interested please reach out on Discord.

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WE also tend to run m+, typically 13 or higher keys.

We’re now 6/10 Heroic on SoD! Recruitment is still currently open with a preference for DPS players.

We are a solid group of chill players. Many of us also have or about to get KSM season 2. So if you are looking for a group that also pushes keys, you may want to check us out.

We’re now 9/10 Heroic SoD.
Still seeking competent DPS players. Lock, DH, and monk take priority at this time still.
Screw Fatescribe btw.