[H] Tank/DPS LF Mythic Guild


I’m currently stuck at 3/9M with my current guild, team just can’t get past it. I main tank ATM as Bear Druid, can do pretty much any class, I have knowledge of most of them and some are geared decently as well. I have mained DPS and off healed for Mythic Antorus as Monk. I am most proficient at Monk (404), Druid(413), Hunter(412), and a little Ele Shaman (393). I’ve plenty of Mythic Experience :smiley:
My availability is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (2 of those days) or anything in between after 5 cst. At the moment, I’m not willing to go to Alliance, unless there was an offer I cannot refuse! (;
My bnet is Wrane#11253 or Discord is Wrane#6865 (Discord preferred)
Whisper me for more info!