[H] Tank/DPS & Healer/DPS combo LF Guild

409 Disc Priest
400 BDK currently but has 405 DH ; 400 monk; 380 warr; 375 druid (all tank MS)

We have AOTC for previous two raid tiers;
We enjoy grinding M+ - current io’s are at 1200
We’re 6/9 H - guild fell apart

Availability is Tues/Thur or Wed/Thur after 8pm EST
If not the nights above; then after 10pm EST
(tues/wed 10pm; wed/thur 10pm - etc…)

Discord (Priest) Pest#1463
Discord (Tank/DPS) Elysian#1989

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Hi Pest! I think we might be a good fit for you. Check us out and let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: Good luck with your search!

Evolved Gaming - Horde - Area 52

We are always looking for new members to come and join our age 18+, multi-gaming community!

We are currently rounding out our raid team on the Horde side of things, and there’s room for you! We are currently working through Heroic (5/9H). We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm EST (optional additional hour on Thursdays), with Friday as an optional 3rd raid night.

Not into raiding? No problem. We are doing mythic plus dungeons for people coming together as a guild. Questing, leveling, etc. etc.! For other information please check out the thread below.

Any questions, feel free to come find me on Discord - Nystera#3611.

We are still seeking the right fit. Tank and healer main!

Team Green is a relatively new team within the established Ex Inferno community on Area 52. We’re looking to push AOTC with each raid tier, while having a good time along the way. Most of us on Green are adults with jobs and families, so Its tough to commit to several raid nights.
This is a one night alternative for folks with a limited schedule.

At the moment Team Green (6/9H) and is looking for:

Ranged DPS - Boomkin, Mage, Warlock preferred, but willing to look at exceptional players of any class

Melee DPS - Rogue, WW Monk, Warrior, Demon Hunter, but willing to look at exceptional players of any class

Healers - MW Monk, Druid, Shaman Prefered

Tanks - Both main tank positions are filled, but we are still looking for backup tank specs on dps and healers to fill in.

Raid Times are:
Tuesday 830-1200 Server (EST)
Times will be reduced once content is on farm in most cases

18+, Discord with a working mic is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot.

Contact one of our Team Leads:
Caselock#1883 - Caselock
kbmighty#1176 - Lurentas
Yaz1018#1626 - Tinywrath

We welcome social members to our active community as well!