[H] <Swell> 12/12M CE D A Y T I M E Guild Recruiting For SL

Looking for warlocks!!!

Warlocks would be nice!

Warlocks don’t exist

Exceptional applicants of any class feel free to apply! We’ve got a pretty awesome group here!

Except warlocks because you guys don’t exist

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Always looking for more quality raiders :smiley:

Looking for folks who want to kill some bosses.

Shadow priests and warlocks!

We’ve got cool transmogs and cookies!

Wouldn’t say no to a good shadow priest :smiley:

Still looking for more high quality DPS!!

Zip zap shock attack

Zappy bois?

Looking for more friends!

WTB more dps!

Literally the best people I’ve ever played with. Come join us!

Looking for more. Positive Attitude, Consistency, Skill. Do you have all 3? <3

Always looking for more!

Looking for a few more quality DPS!

hello 477 hunter here, looking for a new guild, also have a 476 ret paladin also 7/12M xp with prog on xanesh, just missed the kills and reclears. i sent a bnet request to Khavá!