[H] <Sweet Baby Jesus> Looking for players

Sweet Baby Jesus is a fresh guild created by experienced players that branched off from a larger guild. It is a perfect home for seasoned players as well as new players willing to learn. We are aiming to be a semi-hardcore guild where we get content done quickly and efficiently while having a good time playing the game we love. We will be running weekly BWL and MC as we recruit.

Currently Recruiting: We are currently recruiting for all roles.

Raid Schedule: TBD

Loot System: During the initial building stage of the guild, we will primarily be using a MS > OS system, which will switch to EPGP once we have a solid core.

More information will become available as the guild becomes more established.

Message Vallidus#9461 on Discord or Whisper Valleri, Rizarti, Lilliannah, or Soulsmasher in game!