[H] SUN/MON Night Slappers Wanted!


Taco Slap

9/9 Heroic, 1/9 Mythic in BoD with a number of duelist’s that are looking to climb CR

NA - Horde - PvE & PvP

Introduction: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild mostly comprised of veteran players and U.S. Armed forces veterans (Army, Air force, Marines and the worlds finest Navy baby.) We Hold ourselves to a raiding standard of knowing fights or at least having a high general overview of what is going on.

Schedule: Sunday and Monday 7pm to 10pm CDT, 20:00 (Server Time)

Wants: We are open to any class, and any spec. to come hang out with like minded people for raids, keys & PvP during the week. We play this game for fun and we have fun when we win, the same mindset would do well with us.

Current Goals:
Long Term: Get AotC faster than last tier & As far in Mythic as we can.
Short Term: AotC on current tier, Keys, PvP (we embrace all forms of the game)

Requirements: We want new recruits to have a 390 ilvl, 40 level+ neck with thick skin. I need the ability call people out on something and you communicate what the issue is so we can fix it.

Raid Guidelines:

  • Respect given is respect earned.
  • Communication is key.
  • Be Understanding, it’s also a learning atmosphere.
  • Be flexible in your raid position (everyone else is) if you can’t we’ll work around it.
  • Have Gems and enchants not necessarily the highest and best but have something if not please ask, we’ll help you out.
  • Food and flask are provided.

Expectations: We want people who are punctual, we are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time but we understand life happens. We are open to any class, and any spec. after all verity is the spice of life.

History: We are a Horde guild on US-Turalyon we’ve been around since the beginning of legion and plan on doing the same thing we’ve always done… Smash boss’s and have fun. For any questions, inquiries, or an invite you can message anyone in guild or contact us in game.

Officer: Taulmaril#1775 (Recommended)
Officer: Kalrik#1323
Guild Leader: Wookierunner#11379