[H] [Sulfuras] [PVE] Insomniacs LF 2Day Raiders! Recruitment Offer Inside!

Basic Info: 2 Day Raiding Guild - Tues/Thursday 8-12 EST. CEPGP Loot system.

You can check our parses on Warcraft Logs, most recently we cleared Mc in 90~ Minutes with 31-32 people, and we killed Razoregore with 34 with the current fastest horde kill on our servers. Needless to say we need you!

About us: Most of the guild is late 20s to late 30s. A pretty chill group of dudes looking to meet other chill bros for a good time. Lots of banter to be had, but we are relatively serious about killing Dragons, Elemental lords, Old gods and Liches.

Solo applications - need 2xRogues, 2xMages, 1-2xPriests(shadow/heal).
We are willing to accept a group application, we have no space for Hunter or Resto druids though. Our tanking situation is also full.

We are serious about attracting top talent, to prove how serious we are about this we are offering the following benefits to new raiders:

If you are still with the guild after 3 weeks AND have attended every raid, we will give you an 18 slot bottomless bag courtesy of the guild. Any raid gear acquired with the exception of weapons will be enchanted for free.

If you are looking for a server to transfer to but our guild doesn’t meet your criteria Sulfuras is a 52/48 Horde Alliance server on the EST time zone, There was 70 Horde guilds with MC clear and 65 Alliance guilds, the server is one of the healthiest populations in Classic. The alliance currently dominate the PvE super try hard landscape, but the horde has a lot of semi-hardcore non sweaty guilds.

If you are interested in joining Insomniacs feel free to pm me on Discord @ rcgg#9345 bnet rcgg#11812 between the hours of 1PMEST and 3AM EST.
We would likely be raiding this Monday as an out of schedule raid to reattempt BWL.