[H - Sulfuras] <Disposable Heroes> Semi-Hardcore Tues/Thurs raiding

[Disposable Heroes]
#1 raiding guild on Vanilla Server: Aggramar (2004-2009)
Scarab Lord and multiple server firsts and legendarys! The oldest guild on the server. We use objective loot calls unlike the other biased and self serving loot council based guilds.

We believe in quality over quantity. Great community with a fantastic structured system for loot (DKP), recruiting, raids and PVP.

Raid schedule:
Tues/Thurs 730PM to 1130PM CST with
Sunday cleanups.

Level 60s who don’t suck.

DKP + LFC for raids, no worries about loot councils giving loot to friends first.
YOU control the loot with attendance and dedication!


  • Oldest guild around, started in 2004
  • Efficient content clears!
  • Team Unicorn and Team Robot slaying Onyxia weekly!

Who We Aren’t:

  • Speedrunners who clear MC/BWL in 30 mins.
  • Stat padders (While stat-logs are important, they do not define us as a guild)
  • Looters who only raid to loot (we enjoy our community!)

CHARTER| DKP | DISCORD (links coming later!)
Discord > discord .gg /Y6WqNxQ
Apply > hc . to / wowapp

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Recruitment needs:
-Holy Priests
-Resto shamans (1 core spot for Enhancement with BiS gear or close to - Sulfuras a plus)
-Druid (feral kitty - boomkin maybe?)

We are 8/8 BWL 10/10 MC and firing off 2nd BWL raid team tonight! Get in now while the gettin’s good!


LFM - needing shamans (enh/resto), Priests, Druids (Feral kitty with high parses plz), hunter, rogues, warriors, high parsing mages.

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We rocking two raids out right now. Get your loot on!

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Heyo! Rogue with all content cleared here. Are you all still recruiting?

Apologies! Sometimes we dont check this. We are indeed.