[H] <Strike Force> - Weekend Heroic Raiding

Main Raid
Saturday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST
Sunday 8:00 - 10:00PM EST (During progression)

Alt Raid
Wednesday 8PM EST

Looking for DPS, healers, and backup tanks.


Not on Thrall?
We have a community set up for people who want to raid with us but don’t feel like transferring. Reach out if you are interested.

Not a raider?
Outside of our raid teams, we are also recruiting anyone who is just looking for a social home. We’re also recruiting mythic+ focused players so we can have a solid roster of people to do mythic+ dungeons with.

Strike Force is looking for more to flesh out our rosters for heroic weekend raiding and mythic+. We’re a guild who’s been around for 20+ years in many games over the years. We like to get things done while having fun and enjoying the game.

Auburn#11617 on BattleNet (Main recruitment contact)
Seasniffer#1104 on BattleNet (Secondary contact)

Still looking for more. Come join us!

helping to bump thiisss :smiley:

Making steady progress on downing Sylvanas, come join us for the kill!

Come join us for weekend heroic raiding!

We are still looking for more! Come join us for weekend heroic raiding and mythic+!

Still recruiting! Come join us for weekend heroic raiding. Gearing up for the next tier as well! Add one of us on battle.net or join discord.gg/strikeforce!

Looking for a tank and heals to round out our raid roster for 9.2! Come have fun with us and down some bosses too!