[H] Spriest LF Raiding/M+ Guild

As stated, my priest is currently 408ilvl, 8/8H and 2/8 M (i am currently in the progress of getting new parses due to those parses being when I was MUCH lower in ilvl).

I have previous mythic experience and have been usually a week 1 AOTC player. I’m slowly returning to raiding and grinding M+ rating. I would also like to get back into pvping as well.

I can also flex holy/disc but they arent my strong suit as i havent had much time on them.

I do also have a rogue (384ilvl), Havoc DH (398 ilvl), and DPS warrior (385 ilvl) as alts. I am currently trying to have my rogue be my primary alt but if you prefer me playing one of those 3, I can play all 3 relatively well but I will need to gear them for mythic prog.

My bnet is Sheepy1#1934 if you have anymore questions

Hi Kass,

Add me if you’re interested. 2/8M 8/8H Horde guild on Area 52 we’re looking to get a couple more dps and specifically a priest to push more mythic. We focus AotC/early mythic. I’ll link our recruitment thread.
Discord: Jaystir#1204

dont join with these people they blocked me bc i didnt want to tank a high key on my alt and saidi i would on my main. switched classes logged in blocked completely. effin weird people


We’re looking for a spriest main. We’re expecting to push into mythic content when we have a full group. Currently doing AOTC each week. Let me know if you’re interested! Disc: Deathlorrd#9243

Hey Kass,
Added you on Btag, lets chat.

Corrupted Intent is a 21+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic mindset.


  • Knowledge of class/fights and prepared for the raid
  • Communication
  • 80% attendance & punctuality & accountability for raids
  • Progression Mindset, and a team player, includes ability to take constructive criticism

Raid Days & Times:

Sry about your parse Fri & Sat 8-11pm EST
WTB PI - Monday 7-9 EST

Current Progression 8/8N 6/8H (Sry about your parse)
WTB PI- New team forming

Sry about your parse needs:
Tank: High Priority
Healer High Priority: Disc Priest, Hpriest, R shaman, R Druid, MW Monk
Ranged Dps High Priority: Lock, Mage- Arcane/Frost, Boomkin

Needs: Everything

Any and all players that feel they would be a good fit, should apply whether your role/class is listed or not

While raiding is our primary focus we do also welcome any player interested in Mythic + as well as wanting to just be social and apart of the community.

Contact Information:
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756