[H] <Soulbound Horde> New Heroic Guild

Soulbound Horde is a new Heroic raiding guild that is formed by members from various guilds and different raiding backgrounds from the Saurfang realm. We are currently recruiting dps to progress through Ny’alotha Normal and Heroic with the main goal of having an established raid team by the time the first tier of Shadowlands opens.

We also have a few members currently in guild that run keys, and some that are just around to socialise. If you or anyone you know is interested my realID will be at the bottom of this post, thank you for taking time to read my post and am looking forward to hearing from you.


We are no longer looking for raiders for our main nights, but are still welcoming people who just want to chill in a guild or want to run keys, we have also set up an alt night on Friday 8pm to 11pm AEST if you are interested in more chill runs.