[H] <Slow Children At Play> Wed / Thurs 6-9 PM server

[H – Whitemane] | Semi-HC | Wed/Thurs 6-9 Server

We are a group of players wanting to clear all content and have fun while we do so we have a laid back community with alot of people who like to theory craft and have fun in discord. When it comes to raid fun and games with as serious … “lets get this done” attitude.

We are currently Recruiting:

Hunters: Medium
Warlocks : High
Shaman : Medium
Mage : Medium
Warrior : Low
Priest : High
Rogue : Medium
Druid : Low

Warrior : Medium
Paladin : High
Druid : Medium

Shaman : Medium
Priest : High
Druid : Medium
Paladin : High


  • Awareness of class and Spec
  • Character is raid ready and prepared with enchants, gems, flask/potions.


We will be using modified loot council system based on performance and attendance with collaboration of bis lists

For any questions feel free to send us a message in discord at:


Or in-game at:


all welcome to apply
message myself - Shinlee for more info here or in game

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We are a (semi hardcore ) raiding guild with the mindset to clear all content and have fun with we don’t subscribe the the Meta comp build, you can pm me on discord.

ps: didn’t realize i posted on my other toon.

Need more for kara on sat need reliability, recruitment run