[H] <SIN> Wed-Sun 8pm ST is recruiting for BWL!

< SIN > is a semi-hardcore social guild that enjoys all aspects of wow.
10/10 MC
1/1 ONY
3/8 BWL - We are just now about to walk into BWL for the 3rd time this coming Sunday. We have downed 3 bosses with only one full raid dedicated to BWL so far.
Raid 1 on Wed and Sun nights at 8pm server time.
Raid 2 on Tuesday nights
We are currently looking for more core raiders for our 1st and 2nd raid teams.

Current need for raid 1:
Resto shamans - High
Resto druids - medium
Fury warriors- high
Tanks - HIGH
Rogues - medium

Current need for raid 2
All classes will be considered

We wanted to create a fun guild that likes to have fun as much as we like to progress. We have some really good people here with a lot of experience going back to vanilla. Most of these guys cleared this content back in the day and now we want to do it again. We just need some more solid raiders to keep the ball rolling. We haven’t been in BWL as long as most guilds but in our first BWL night we downed 3 bosses. We are looking for talented players to help us keep progressing and clearing content as well as having fun.

Even if a class is not specified above does not mean it will not be allowed as we will consider any exceptional player with skill and commitment.

Hope to hear from any of you that may have any questions. Contact me on here or in game as well as Grahn or Khaalathas.