H-Side Couple LF Guild

Hi there.

My lady and I are seeking a week night guild that hosts events. We’re fans of darker themes, or more unique guilds such as artifact hunting. We’d also be fine with something more military themed, or something “off the record”, such as Zandalari seeking vengeance for Rastakhan, even though we’re in a time of peace.

We prefer simple D20 systems that focus on the idea of character development instead of math, but would prefer the guild have some kind of combat oriented encounters. We’re largely flexible involving what happens to our characters. Short of dismemberment and death, we welcome most situations provided they’re realistic, and make sense.

Finally, we’re seeking something with quality. We’d be fine joining a newer guild, but we’re hoping for something with, at the bare minimum, an idea, and a direction. We’re hoping to log on and know what the plan is, where we need to be, etc. We’re both lore abiding, but open minded to unique concepts.

Also, don’t mind the guild tag Maj has on now. It was a guild we had made for our friends, but that time has come and gone. We are, as of writing this little blurb, open and available.

If you have any questions about us, feel free to post them and I will respond when I have time. Thank you.


If you’re into the military theme then I can highly recommend the Vol’kar Legion. We’re RP-PvP, though PvP is never ever required. (RP is, we are heavy RP first and do not allow OOC members except by Officer discretion). We do have several content teams too, but again, content (raid/RBGs/mythics etc) is never required, encouraged, but never forced or pressed on people).

You can read more about our history here: The Vol'kar Legion [H-RP-PvX] under reconstruction!

Most of our D20 events are combat oriented, and while it is a bit slow during the holiday season while people are out of town, and with family, there are a number of exciting story threads planned (I’ve got a little mini storyline in the works for the weekends when I’m not at work, which I’m excited to present ^_^).

We are not elitist, and are mostly a bunch of meming goofballs OOC in our discord, though we take it as our personal responsibility to display a public face that is mature, and well-mannered IC to fit a heavily regimented military theme.

If you like what you see you can contact anyone of NCO or higher for a n OOC/IC interview! We’d love to see more new faces!


I like the volkar they smell good


You can always give Firebrand Enterprises a shot!

We’ve got lots of themes, and we are especially engaged in things like artifact hunting and/or “off the record” dealings. If you can spin a profit from it, then we do it.

We’ve got a simple D20 system, sometimes even combat. It’s pretty ezpzlemonsqzy. Individual characters sometimes have special combat abilities unique to them, it’s pretty cool.

Quality? Well dang, son. We got that in spades. Something like 70 active members and we have events/scenes running almost every night.

Here’s the guild recruitment page.


I literally came to recommend the Vol’kar and Firebrand after reading your post, but oh, someone else already has.



I’d also like to note that if there’s something you’d like to see that FE does NOT have, find an officer and float the idea and then let’s get it moving. The basic guild concept allows for so many ideas.