[H] <Sic Semper Tyrannis> Recruiting Healers/Mage(s)


Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 - 10pm server
Loot System: Loot Council

We are a tight knit guild with one core raid team and are looking to bring on a few dedicated healers (any horde healer class aside from druids we are interested in) and at least one or two mages, as well as a warlock potentially to finish up our caster DPS core.

We are currently clearing MC in 2hrs or less and are 7/8 in BWL (we only raid two nights a week + ony here and there, hence the lack of 8/8, which we expect to get this week). We have had some attrition on our roster due to some IRL issues so we want to fill in the gaps and have a full 40/40 every BWL night for easy clears.

Full BiS gear is not a requirement; we are mainly looking for people who are good listeners and have a good attitude.

Please contact one of our leaders directly if you are interested!

Co-GMs: Shamanda, Oreoo,
Officers: myself [Execration], Xor, Briscocounty, Zigzags, Eggsalad, Dawombat, or Wagyu

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