[H] Shy player looking for a place to call home!

Hiya! Hopefully I’m not wrong to post this here.

Anyway, I’m getting back into my character, Alaundis, and I’m hitting the point where I’m starting to feel pretty lonely, and I’d like a place to call home! I haven’t really, seriously played this toon since the tail end of Legion, where she was involved with an RP guild, but RL stuff led to me having to back away.

Anyway, I’m not 100% sure of the best fit for this character. Alaundis has already had a lot of growth, though she still has much room to go. She’s a Paladin, but leans on the “Priest with a sword” aspect – focused on healing, spreading the word of the Light, and seeking peace – rather than the “arbiter of divine retribution” archetype.

She’s more or less trying to find meaning at the moment, after a terrible, pointless, costly war. From an OOC perspective, I’m really looking for a guild that’s not military, but that will involve combat and adventure. I just don’t like sticking in one place all day, and, while I really value narrative and character growth, I also really enjoy combat and conflict.

I’m a pretty shy player, but I have a long line of experience (though mostly in SW:TOR, rather than WoW). I’m also interested in more seriously playing Prot Paladin, though a PvE (or PvE-focused) guild is not what i’m looking for.

Anyway, I’ve definitely gone on long enough. Again, I hope this isn’t wrong to post - thanks!


Hey there Alaundis,

It’s a shame you’re not interested in military-themed stuff - the Vol’kar is looking for folks that love doing endgame content as much as they love roleplay. A tank is something that we are sorely missing - and searching high and low for in Shadowlands.

First, I will direct your attention to the pinned threads at the top of the board. I will provide a link if it’s still difficult to find- it’s been almost two years and I personally hate the new forums. At the very top if the WrA info + directory megapost. In the table of contents, you can flip straight to the Horde Guilds section. (WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events))

Truthfully, a band of adventurers isn’t something I see. Maybe it’s because the good ones actually go on adventures :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re more interested in finding / exploring Alaundis’ heritage and tie that into spreading the word of the light, I suggest looking at the Sunreavers. Axiann’s a good pal of mine- and he is an excellent roleplayer. I’ve never interacted in whole with the Sunreavers because they’re the best at what they do. Several wings of Sin’dorei roleplay each with its own robust sections of lore. Their guides and Axiann’s tidiness makes me envious.

A few others I can name rapidly, but unfortunately can only do just that (naming them):

  • The Torn
  • Pyreanor
  • Firebrand Enterprises (Tamani’s pretty cool).

If you want more fluid conversation or information, feel free to hit me up in-game. A good thing to remember: most guilds on WrA don’t meander onto the forums. There may be a hidden gem yet for you! :wave:


Im about to be a first time mmo rper. Sounds fun though. I also probably don’t want to be in some military guild. I might just rp like a wandering sellsword or something. Trying to decide on a class atm. I keep getting too scared to walk into rp areas lol. Im not entirely sure what it entails. I am sure it’s not the same as my years of dnd despite them both kinda being roleplaying.

It has it’s ups and downs. Roleplay is probably the most accessible it’s ever been - keep in mind your archetypes from DnD might not translate entirely well into WoW. Unfortunately, major cities such as Orgrimmar have a lot of OOC / trolling nonsense that detract from the overall experience. I don’t wander around Silvermoon so I can’t make any input there.

Community events such as Mulgore Mondays ([H] Mulgore Mondays! - #29 by Dahote-wyrmrest-accord) or the Brightmoon Faire ([N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: April - Date TBA) cater towards ‘slice of life’ and community feeling. These events are great for newbies or those who have anxiety in group settings.

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I definitely understand the anxiety - I tend to shy away from walk-ups, too. If you ever want to RP or whatever, I’m definitely happy to do so! :slight_smile:

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Possibly then o.o’ . My battle.net username is Jiro#11109 if you wanna chat later.

Anyone who wants to add me can do so. :smiley:

Good luck out there in any searches you come to find yourself in on this server. If you ever find yourself without a place again at some point, The Rusty Worg is always open to the lost and lonely.


Is that a guild or location?