[H] Shady Acres - CE group LFM for Shadow Lands

Shady Acres
US-Mal’Ganis | Horde
8P-11P EST | Tue & Thr
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Who we are
A group of old friends, with years of CE experience from the dawn of WOW up to the current expansions. Our raiders and leadership span the gambit of players and have played at the top end of the spectrum, but are looking to build a new home as a more laid back group that still pushes for CE on a regular 2 night a week schedule.

A note - Most of our members are still moving their Characters to Mal’Ganis. All will be on server by the 9.0 Pre Patch release.

What we’re looking for
Players who find themselves with a job, kids, car payments, and mortgages but also want to push for the cutting edge kills they used to seek after in previous expansions. Anyone whos both skilled and laid back is welcome to apply for any role

Class Openings

  • Tanks - Closed
  • Healers - Paladin, Priest, MW.
  • Ranged DPS - Open to all classes
  • Melee DPS - Open to all classes

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  • Kj - Btag: KrakenJack#1469 | Discord: KrakenJack#2265
  • Bear - Btag: Bearlinban#1995
  • Verl - Btag: Amaterasu#1178
  • Mel - Btag: Banshee#1130

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How many raiders do you guys have currently going into shadowlands?

Would you be open to recruiting players with less experience that want to get better? Been playing casually for years but new to raiding and would love to give it a shot in Shadowlands :slight_smile:

We’re mostly looking for folks with some raiding exp. Best i can say, drop an app in.

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