[H] <Shadowgarde> New RP-PvP guild


“Wars are not always won on the frontlines. In fact, what happens behind the scenes is just as important, if not more so, than what happens on the battlefield. War is not always about honor and glory; oftentimes it involves backroom dealings, assassinations, and other activities that some may find dishonorable yet are necessary to ensure the Horde’s survival. We of the Shadowgarde understand this, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the Horde’s ultimate victory. We seek like-minded individuals that are willing to join Shadowgarde, to assist us in our goals. Will you answer the call? Will you do whatever it takes to help safeguard the Horde against our enemies?”

Who are we? Shadowgarde is an independent organization that works to assist the Horde in whatever ways we can. As a general rule, our missions take us behind the front lines, doing whatever is needed to further the Horde’s interests.

Where is the storyline at current? Shadowgarde is currently recovering from the losses inflicted at the Battle of Lordaeron. This has been complicated by a change of leadership following the treacherous actions of the former Night Queen, Danidara. Currently, Shadowgarde is focusing on three things: rebuilding to its former strength, finding a way to permanently end the former Night Queen’s meddling in their affairs, and carrying out their primary mission statement of assisting the Horde behind the scenes.

You mentioned a change of leadership. Who is currently leading Shadowgarde? Shadowgarde’s leader is Lord Commander Aelrindel Sunstar.

Who can join Shadowgarde? All races, classes, and levels are welcome!

Does it matter if I’m following Sylvanas or Saurfang? Nope! Anyone is welcome to join Shadowgarde regardless of their loyalties to the various Horde leaders. The only requirement is that your character is loyal to the Horde as a whole. Shadowgarde as an organization will remain neutral in regards to the intra-faction conflicts.

How often do you host RP events? Storyline events are held at least once a week. Additionally, all members are encouraged to come up with their own storylines and events.

How do I join? Contact Aelrìndel (alt 0236 for the accented i), Tanedara, Trellen, or Sialissa in-game.