[H] Severity 3/12 Mythic

In Severity we aim for Mythic progression on casual hours whilst enjoying the game for what it is.

We raid 2 nights a week (Sunday/Monday 7-10 server time, 6 hours total). However, we also run a Friday optional normal/heroic clear for alts/mains.

Current Progression:
Ny [M] 3/12

Previous Progression:
[M] 4/8 - EP
[M] 8/9 - BoD
[M] 6/8 - Uldir
[M] 10/11 - Antorus
[M] 5/9 - Tomb of Sargeras
[M] 7/10 - Nighthold
[H] 3/3 - Trial of Valor
[M] 6/7 - Emerald Nightmare
[H] 8/13 Pre 5.4 - ToT
[M] 14/14 Post 6.0 - SoO
[M] 13/14 Pre 6.0 - SoO
[M] 3/7 - HM

We are currently recruiting exceptional all the things

If your class is not listed and you think you are mythic ready/exceptional player please don’t be shy to app as we look at all apps

What you can expect from us:
prides itself on being a friendly and well-rounded guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and the US. We hold regular meet ups in both Australia and New Zealand where players can meet up with fellow guildies as well as special events for expansion release days and other notable in game dates. We aim to have a drama free environment with good leadership, management and raid progression.

We all enjoy each other’s company and consider ourselves to be a solid team of like-minded individuals with the goal of having fun and killing bosses.

We maintain that players wishing to join show good raiding qualities, these include:
• Good people skills and attitude
• Ability to take constructive criticism and advice
• Good knowledge of the game, your class, your spec and a good history of raiding.
• A stable internet connection, computer and good UI
• Ability to identify mistakes, learn from them and accept responsibility for them.
• Always looking to improve on your skills
• We are a close-knit team and none of us tolerate drama
• A good sense of teamwork and working as a team

Contact information:
If you have any questions that can’t be answered by this forum post or our website please feel free to add one of our Officers.

Reverênd - zasz#1257
Notyourwaifu - notyourwaifu#11289
Darmz - darmy#1145
Pyjamas - gossamer#11526
Karrith - arrith#1533

We are looking for some fresh blood to join the team :slight_smile: Please add one of us on bnet to have a chat about raiding if you’re interested!

Join us if you like bad (good) puns.