[H] <Selfless Satyr> is recruiting Thu/Fri 7-10 PM Server

[H] | Casual | Loot Council | Thu / Fri 7-10 pm server time

Selfless Satyr is a casual guild looking to raid while keeping things relaxed and fun. We recognize that people enjoy the game in different ways, and we have a mix of casual and semi-hardcore players who strike a good balance of having fun and downing content while playing in a casual guild environment.

Member expectations:

  • Attendance
  • Positive attitude
  • Some basic survival consumables such as protection potions (we never require DPS consumes/flasks/etc)

We use a Loot Council system that prioritizes attendance and preparedness within the bounds of our member expectations. We aim for as even a loot distribution as feasible.

We are actively recruiting the following:

  • Resto Shaman
  • Priest

If you’re interested, please drop into our discord and leave a message in the recruitment channel at discord.gg/MuZ6zJq

Hey everyone, still recruiting the above classes

Still recruiting DPS!

Still in need of DPS!

LFM Healers. We also host PUG MC and Drunk ZG runs weekly. Sometimes AQ40 and Naxx PUG as well. Check out the discord link.