[H] | <Selfless Satyr> 10/10 MC, 1/1 ONY, 8/8 BWL | Thurs/ Fri 7:00PM-10:00PM Server

RC Loot Council

:pushpin: Contact the GM or an Officer via :pushpin:

ingame :speech_balloon: | mail :envelope: | Discord :speaking_head:

GM - Cellendor

Officers - Akindale | Nique | Waltz | Thiccachu | Pikachewbaca | Prevalence | Vb

:bangbang: In need of Healers (Priest/Druid/Shaman) for Main Raid and Progression Content :bangbang:

:bangbang: In need of DPS (Warlock/Rogue/Shadow Priest/Hunter) :bangbang:

Currently clearing both MC & Ony on Thursday and BWL Friday. We utilize RC Loot Council to distribute gear as evenly as possible.

Attendance, Prep, and Performance factor into loot awarded

Casual / New players (to WoW or Classic) are also welcome to join us!

Running dungeons, questing, farming, sitting in town, and especially, killing Alliance...

you name it i'm sure one of us does it!
ht tps:// disc ord.gg /znMhm5 5

If youโ€™re interested feel free to drop into our discord or message a GM/Officer directly.

Come join us - the guild is a lot of fun :grinning:

Weโ€™re still looking for new recruits!