[H] <Scoundrels> Looking to fill our 40 man roster

A new and fresh active guild looking to recruit all classes to help fill out our 40 man roster. Perfect for anyone who’s looking to have a great time in raids with some great people. We currently have an active discord set up and ready to go for raids. Looking to push out raids as soon as possible.

Recruiting: We’re currently recruiting any roles to fill our roster.

Looting System: We are looking to do a Soft Reserve looting system. MS > OS

Raiding Schedule: We want to push ZG, MC, Ony and BWL as soon as we fill a full roster. We’re also looking into everyone’s schedules to see what works best as we establish this guild.

We are looking forward from hearing from you all!

If you need more information about the guild,
Whisper viksters or Thuugrim in game! :smile: