[H] <Scary Pirates> | Semi-Hardcore | Saturday | 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST single day BWL/MC/ONY | LootCouncil|

WHO: is one of the oldest guilds on Anathema and has two active 8/8 BWL raids. We are currently recruiting for our semi-hardcore weekend raiding team!
WHAT: We’re looking for core raiders that are interested in a weekend schedule! That’s okay if it’s your first time raiding. We don’t care if you’re a multi-year gladiator, a rank 14 no lifer, can put out 1000 dps but can’t clear trash, or have an insatiable desire to collect 1000 black lotuses. We only have three requirements. You must be mature enough to tolerate criticism, continually want to improve yourself and your gameplay, and focus primarily on team-oriented goals. We operate on loot council, with priority during progression given to the main tank and main healer. Players will be benched/swapped out based on poor raid preparation and poor performance. We are currently recruiting: 1 Mage 1 Warlocks 1 Hunters 1 Fury warrior 1 Rogue 1 Priest
WHERE: Anathema, the best “medium” pop server in classic!
WHEN: Saturdays, 4:30 PM server time. Single day clear for BWL/MC/Ony
WHY: Right now we have many flex spots in our BWL raid and are using those spots to determine appropriate fit for AQ40 and Naxx clears. In the meantime, we’ll be using BWL to improve the inefficiencies in our raid, come Phase 5 and Phase 6. We have the benefit of operating under the wing of a large guild while raiding under our own team. That means you get the benefits of almost always having someone to run a dungeon with, PVP with, have a multitude of crafters available, and a guild bank with almost everything you would need. We also understand that there are people that are learning the game for the first time but have that mamba mentality towards games. We hold regular public log reviews and debriefings to go over areas of raid-wide improvement. Please contact mediocre (pokesofast)#7235 on discord or mediocre#11962 in game to inquire further!


I think I would be the perfect fit for your guild… I frequently wipe on firemaw, after months of being in BWL. Running away in world PvP is a speciality of mine expecially when it’s a fair fight. I really find sitting in azshara expecially fun for 16+ hours a day in hopes of getting loot that’s near irrelevant instead of prepping for future content that is going to cause me to wipe even more then I do on firemaw (if you though that was even possible).
I look forward to hearing from you!


Foxx, the master alchemist has spoken.

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