[H] <Sanguine> Nagrand/Caelestrasz/Saurfang Weekend Raiding Guild LFM

Guild & Server: Sanguine [H] - Caelestrasz/Nagrand/Saurfang
Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday 8:30pm – 11:30pm Server Time
Current Progression: 4/9 H ATDH
Recruitment Contacts:
Reply to this or contact us via one of the methods below
Battlenet: Isen#11141, avocado#13170, Scrankit#6808
About Us: We are a mature, laid back guild who love to have a laugh, raid and love to run mythic+ in the downtime

Needs: We are primarily looking for DPS with healer offspec atm however would be willing to look at an exceptional healer if they applied.
Requirements: A good attitude, willingness to listen and getting involved is a lot more important to us than your gear and experience.

Hi, im interested in joining as a healer for H raids and M+

Hi, im looking for a guild that runs aus est time, so if 8:30 is somewhere between 7:30-9:30 Brisbane time id like to join if your still looking for more, (mage), the guild im in is great but runs raids nz time so doesnt work now with daylight savings active
Looking at any raids, dungeons, helping with and getting achievements, having fun, usually on from 6pm aest every night and all weekend :grinning:

Hello, the server operates in AEST/AEDT time. So atm our raid should start around 7:30pm for you if I’ve done the timezone conversion properly. And when daylight savings is over it’d start 8:30pm for you as QLD and NSW/VIC timezones sync. If you’re interested add me on Battlenet Isen#11141 and we can talk more directly :smiley:

Hi! I’m interested in joining the guild, I’m a Hunter/Evoker main, I’ve recently started playing wow but I’m familiar with guild environments (from destiny 2) and I’m keen on learning raids, dungeons and other guild activities.


Still recruiting for dps for the next tier - we got aotc to early and doing skips this tier got bland so we raided one night a week but this new tier we are going into mythic and filling out 1-2 more dps potentially 1 more healer.

We are more chill but still have a min requirement (non carry) when prog heroic. We still happy to help if needed. We also do a lot of m+ a lot of us are 2600-2700, so will have teams floating about.

Bump currently 4/9Heroic ATDH
Looking for a DPS with offspec heals

Currently 7/9 Heroic
Still looking for a dps with a offspec heals