[H] <Ruined Nightmare> Thrall 4/12M Recruiting

<Ruined Nightmare> on Thrall is a friendly, Semi-causual progression guild focused on Heroic/mythic raid and Mythic+ content. We have Ny’alotha on the heroic farm weekly and are slowly working through mythic. We are looking to add a few more people to our roster for SL.

A little about Ruined Nightmare

We have been an active guild for over 5 years on Thrall with a continually active discord. A lot of our player base is ex-hard core raiders who just don’t have the time to spend doing cutting edge raiding anymore, but still want a place where we can have fun, push Mythic plus keys, do some mythic raids and just have fun with not a lot of stress. The leadership of Ruined Nightmare prides itself on being organized, helpful to members, and keeping the guild events running weekly, especially in the slow time between expansion launches. We average 10-30 members on in the evening, as the guild is still active with people running alts in low mythic dungeons to get gear and various other activities.

What you can expect from us:

  • A fun and low-stress guild/raid environment
  • Leadership that is willing to put the guild’s needs first
  • Players who will try hard, constantly improve and expect the same from others
  • Flasks, Pots, and Food provided for Heroic raid nights

What we require from you:

  • A good attitude and honesty
  • Willingness to do/learn content with friends in the guild
  • Knowledge and continual improvement of your class
  • Understand Warcraft logs and work on improving. We are a more casual guild, but we still expect our raiders to perform. Officers will help you get there, so no worries.

So, if you are an experienced raider who needs a new start, a veteran looking for fun in less stressful content, or new to the game and want to experience challenging content then we could be the guild for you. Your welcome to join even if you’re only looking to do Mythic + keys! We do have a couple of groups of people pushing higher mythic plus keys including a member who has participated in the Mythic Plus Invitational.

Current Raid Needs:
Range DPS:
1 Lock would be great!

All other classes are currently full but we do not discourage closed classes from applying, but at this time, we can’t promise a raid spot as those classes are currently full with backups already.

We do ask for heroic you be at least item level 445 with 75 item lvl neck.

Raid Day & Times:

Tuesday 8:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern for Heroic Content
Thursday 8:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern for Heroic Content
Sunday 8:30pm to 10:30pm Only during new Raid Content

As of now, this is SUNDAY FUNDAY. We are currently farming Mythic Jaina to get everyone the mount before Shadowlands. When a new raid comes out, we use Sundays to farm Normal for the first 6 weeks to help with gear for Heroic clear and getting AOTC.

Contact Information:
Guild Master
Bnet: Mantard#1762
Discord: Mantard#3827

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always looking for a few more ranged

Would you all be interested in a returning player who is looking to keep things casual for now, but then possibly get their life together and apply to raid in Shadowlands?

Thanks for the interest Jeffen. We are more looking for people now! Still looking for a range, Boomkin, Lock or Mage! Shaman would be fine as well.

Resto(450)/Enhance(452) Rank 15 cloak neck 88. Looking for more active guild to run M+ and raid with. You guys have room for one more?!?!? ;D

Still looking for some ranged players. We are full on all melee and healers!

Destro w/ AoTC looking for a group to hang with and push some content casually up to and hopefully into SL. 470 equipped and 1.7k io.

I pushed through Heroic with my last guild and left when we had finished farming out content on mains and most people started raid logging. I’m primarily a raider, but I’d like to have more people to do M+ with instead of pugging all the time. I’m a veteran from Wrath/Cata days who returned to the game a few months ago, so there was a lot of things to catch up on!

Hello Ausrael, Hit me up in discord and we can chat further.

Sill Looking for some peeps!

Come check us out!

Still looking for some peeps!

Hi, Im I could be interested to join, all about raiding and keys sounds good to me. There is just this one little thing… do you pvp? Im 5/12M atm, casual raider, passionate for pvp and mounts are life. 479 MW main.

We don’t do organized PVP, but we have some pretty hardcore pvp peeps in the guild. I myself like to dabble in it, and in order to maximize my chest, will be working on the pvp aspect as well!

Hi there! i am currently returning to the game. I am looking for a group of like minded players looking to push into shadowlands. I would love to talk more my bnet tag is working#1781. Thank you

Still looking for a few!

BUMP! If you’re looking to play with some awesome people, we would love to have you for SL!

Looking for a lock