[H-RP] <War Wolves> RP-PvP/PvE Guild Recruiting

                      "Always forward and unyielding."
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  • In-Game Contact: Goretooth, Kromok, Tarkha - whispers, Discord DM’s, in-game mail and applications are always welcome.
  • What we do: D20 RP Events, Casual PvP, and Casual PvE. We also participate in server Horde RP campaigns and RP/Cross-faction PvP events.
  • Who we are looking for: Pro Horde Characters, Horde races, Any Class
  • Minimum Level to Join: 30 (preferably 50)
  • Main Characters only, after you have completed the recruit phase you may bring alternative characters in.

War Wolves is a pro-conflict Horde RP guild.
What do we mean by pro-conflict? We mean that the guild is actively against any and all threats of the Horde. The Warband is comprised of Horde members from all walks of life and backgrounds that may find themselves in a military setting. The Warband functions as a group of individuals that wish to fight and protect the Horde and its lands together under one banner that serves the Horde.

We DO NOT require that you PvE or PvP it is simply something that we offer as a guild, We are very laid-back with PvE/PvP content so if participating in them daily or weekly is not your thing then no worries. Our members do enjoy PvE, PvP and RP so it is easy to find people to group up with.


Nice to see more Horde guilds around!


Now that the Guild is over 1 year old and has significantly grown we thought it best to update our forum post with a brand new one! We hope to either fight alongside our Horde Brethren as we have in the past or we hope to face off against our enemies in the heat of battle!

Here is our website for additional info! https://warwolves.carrd.co/

“We March for the Horde, We Fight for the Horde, We Die for the Horde!
Lok’tar Ogar!”


It’s been over a year, and they’re still causing trouble for the Horde’s enemies! 10/10 will not attempt to Blight.