[H-RP] <The Strawmen>

(Butterfield) #281

It looked cold out anyway. Snow blanketed the hills around Darrowshire and the wind amounted to a low moan as it pushed through the skeletons of the ruined homes. Errol thought about how the snow covered wrecks looked so much like the headstones in the small graveyard he still sat in. His hands were moving, but not to keep warm. “So much work to do” he would occasionally mutter as he kept about his business.

He still thought about her. Even now, so close to winter veil, his thoughts would linger on the smell of the lock of hair in his coat pocket and her peculiar little vocal fry. She always sounded angry, even when he knew she really wasn’t.

The specters of this place didn’t fight anymore. They sat quietly around Errol in circle, watching as he dropped another knife in front of Las’ grave. His back covered in snow; he pulled out another and began sharpening it.

“So much work to do”

(Versca) #282


I had the strangest dream, I was this smol skeleton girl that barfed up bees. Barnabas was in it, Butterfieled too, also Cryptstalker and Noslferatu. It was a very odd dream indeed :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Give it a tin can. Goats love tin cans.


Ohhhh I do enjoy this concept.

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I came here to bump your thread and THIS is what I find? Dude.

All your talk about, “oh I’m not a genocidal monster like most of the Forsaken!” but here you are with the gross anti-draenei racism again. Color me surprised–a color which is in the blue range.


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Ma’am you are destroying my thematic cohesion by implying that I can inherently understand your language-from-beyond-the-stars!

Thnk u tho :purple_heart:

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Juspion in the corner just blah blah blah

Jeso ein am Argus have edos kiel? ai! kiel un! och kiel omos efta ietos! Edos kiel is a jezik eredun ko. Zei eipodo’eros kiel kaso edos kiel maar edos mith efta edos draeneic.

(Baenura) #289

hold on lemme try again:

brains brains buhruhguhuhhu sylvanas hurghuauhu bbrains slime guts guts brains sylvanas guuahguhurghu

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Oh! It’s another one! We’re going to need more cans!

(Versca) #292

Drinks Potion of Tongues

Anyway, so like I was saying when you combine two jeso to an ein cork like we used on Argus it makes an edos kiel!! Ah ha get it! Because if you take two jeso and an ein it’s supposed to process an ai kiel un! Not an edos kiel! Which is why the och kiel omos efta ietos in the Exodar did a edos kiel because you had two jezik eredun ko processing an zei eipodo’eros when it should have been kiel kaso edos but noooo they said we should use kiel maar edos and now here we are with a fractured mith efta edos!!

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Have a bump.

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Don’t mind if I do!


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No, don’t, you’re dead, that stuff’s just gonna get caught in your pipes!!

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steel ten min

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Nos passes by the waste of a grave which was made for the crazy Warlock which caused so much trouble for his friends. He wanted to make sure the thing laid still. Upon reaching the site he noticed a knife in front of the grave. He could tell it was not old and something about it’s placement suggested consideration.

He walked away from the grave while glancing at the snow covered hills, wondering if the previously visiting soul might be near, pondering the meaning of the knife.

“Perhaps he still hasn’t let go.”

(Noslferatu) #298

I need more straw for the man.


Is this guild still around? I’d be interested in learning more on my Undead Rogue, Sokratis.

(Barnabas) #300

Hey there! We are, actually. I’ve personally been pretty scarce due to a really busy holiday and new year season, but I’m hoping to get active in-game again soon.

We have a small core of members at the moment, but they’re all very active most of the time!