[H-RP] <The Kodohorn Tribe>: Now with PvE!

Discord and Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about the guild, you're encouraged to visit our discord, where you can get to know the members and find additional information regarding events and tribal lore.

Discord Server: 9dDrpprQ (Updated 9/21)
GM Discord: Moloak#1073

In-game Contact: Moloak

Upcoming Public Events

[H-RP] The Kosh’harg Festival - Sept 2022

  • September 21st-25th, 7:00 PM Server
  • Molo’ak will be running a wandering vendor during the Kosh’harg festival! Come by and say hi for walk-up RP during the event!

[H-RP] Thunder Bluff Storytelling

  • October 28th, 7:00 PM Server
  • Elder Rise Bonfire, Thunder Bluff
  • Thunder Bluff Storytelling is an open RP event featuring speakers sharing oral traditions of their tribes or communities. For some, this is a poem or short story; for others, a comedic sketch or joke. Some are grounded in historical details, while others are merely fanciful allegories. Regardless of the method, these traditions are shared to open ideas for the challenge, consideration, and entertainment of the audience. (Please visit forum post for guidelines.)

"Travel, Ritual, Peace-Pipe and Kodo"

The Kodohorn Tribe is a nomadic, Tauren RP guild, with a focus on smaller-scale, personal story arcs for its members; as well as running dungeons to level alts together, gear our mains, and run mythic+!

Character stories: When you first join the Kodohorn, your character will meet with the awaihilo, the chieftan of the Kodohorn, and swap stories of how you’ve both come to be. You’ll also be asked a few OOC questions about what sorts of goals you or your character(s) have, and what sorts of plot threads or story beats you’d like to hit along the way. We will then use adventure hooks from your info to brainstorm RP events with for the guild.

Travel RP and camping around the world (of warcraft): In addition to the character stories, the tribe has a few responsibilities as a group. Each month, the tribe travels to a new location IC to settle and camp the area, mostly to trade with locals. Additional RP events include trying to observe and catalogue the rites and practices of groups the Kodohorn encounter, trading and vendoring for various festivals and interguild events, and resolving the occasional conflict along the road.

PvE: leveling, gearing, and mythics: As Dragonflight nears, we’re slowly gathering more members with an interest in PvE content, and it’s becoming easier to get guild groups together on a more regular basis. If you’re looking to get into mythics with a guild group, and possibly do mythic dungeon/raid progression in Dragonflight, we have a dedicated tank and a couple healers geared; we need DPS!


"Can Highmountain/Taunka/Yuangol/etc join the guild?"
Yes, the guild is open to all of the tauren cousins.

"Do the Kodohorn have an activity requirement?"
No, you may freely park an alt in the guild and just hop on whenever you feel an itch for some tauren RP.

"Do the Kodohorn do interguild/cross-factional events?"
Yes, we are a member of the Coalition of the Horde, and Moloak is the current organizer of the Orgrimmar Market monthly event. We tend to focus on what relates best to us as a trade caravan.

If you’d like to arrange something with the tribe, this is best done by incorporating it into where the tribe is currently camping IC. Message Moloak in-game or Moloak#1073 on Discord for information and scheduling.

"How are the Kodohorn handling the Dragonflight time skip IC?"
The guild canon is that the Kodohorn Tribe was formed during the time skip, after the events of Shadowlands; and we are currently roleplaying events that occur within the skip. This only applies to ourselves within our own events, and is ignored when interacting with roleplay outside the guild.


Come by and make your mark!!!


Got two signatures tonight and a couple walk-up RPs. Almost there.

Update: Got another! Welcome, Ahogo! Just need 1 more now.

Update: It’s official! The guild is formed! Yay, tauren!


Great guild! Really loving the daily activity of the GM and members!


Fantastic concept and great approach. Moloak, may all your tauren dreams come true.


May you and yours walk prosperously with the Earth Mother <3


We’ve gotten quite a few new members this past week, as well as getting a discord up and multiple events going. You guys are keeping me busy. I’ll need to sit down and edit this post with new info when I get the chance.


I might be interested in this on my Tauren Hunter. :slight_smile:


Do you allow Alliance visitors without any hostile intention?

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Contact me in-game whenever you’re down for some RP and we’ll introduce ourselves, Lonato. The Tribe is still in Org/TB celebrating Fire Festival, and our event this Saturday will be gathering in VoW in org to start packing up to leave.

Yes, we can best arrange something once we’re out of the city.


Would love an invite to the discord!


I’ve changed the Recruitment section to a Discord info section.


Our first ever guild campaign is quickly approaching! MG has been very kind to us, and we are very grateful. Follow the kodo tracks if you want to find us!


Great group of folks here


I came across y’all having a guild event in Orgrimmar this evening. Didn’t want to just try and muscle my way in to whatever you were doing unannounced. LOL What’s the best way to get a hoof in the door with y’all?


Do exactly that, lol. Come join the discord and say hi


awww…Miss you already, Taur! :cow: :blossom:

Feel free to poke us if you want some RP sometime!

(I expect we can also help with dungeons, quests, leveling, PvPing, making popcorn, etc.)


You can also poke Molo or others in-game, too–if Discord isn’t quite your thing (though we’d love to see you there! There’s also info there, too). We did catch you watching up on the hill–or at least Hoarah did. I contemplated waving, but wasn’t sure you wanted to be “seen”.

And for anyone else wanting to check us out or looking to befriend the tribe, please feel free to poke us in-game, invite us to RP, or ask when our next event is and join us.

:cow: :blossom:


I love this concept. My own RP guild will be posted soon, and has a heavy nomad-inspired theme as well. Maybe we can work together one day, assuming I can successfully get mine off the ground! Might even make a Tauren to join! Wonderful!


I too love this concept! We need more tauren guilds!