[H-RP-PvP] The Vol'kar Legion

(Buliss) #101

Hi, @Khellendros!

I’m not able to type as much as you right now as I’m pretty preoccupied with the Thanksgiving weekend spree, but after reading your post several times over, I’m convinced that the Vol’kar would love to have you. We have plenty of old veteran players that have done everything from server first, to competing in world first boss kills, to top-end PvP.

However, at the end of the day, we always seek RP overall. We’re a tight-knit family atmosphere that looks after its own no matter what happens, no matter where we go, and no matter how big we get.

I hope to hear from you soon in-game!

Tomorrow is AoTC time!!


We did it, guys. 8/8 Heroic Uldir, without another week to waste. :slight_smile:

Like I told everyone in the discord: The long week is over. All the family stuff and crazy relatives are (hopefully) gone. Now’s the day to catch up on some work, or merely relax. Take a load off and smile. The next three days (today included) will be quiet in-game, but there will be RP abound and writing in the forges.

From now until the new year, there will be people that come and go, and some of us will travel and we won’t see them for some time. Our activity may overall dip further or skyrocket. Whatever the case, know that we’re always here for each other. We’re going to be given the toughest choices both in-game out, with 8.1 coming, and also for some people, new opportunities to change their life.

For now, pat yourself on the back and smile. Have a great day.

Also, might I add: the Legion 7.1 Winter Veil music is amazing!


Had the wonderful opportunity of running into you recently in Zandalar while House Johnson was on one of our World PvP runs. Thanks for rounding up the Horde and defending against us, greatly appreciated! Was a fun time. :slight_smile:
Look forward to more engagements against The Volkar Legion and if you are ever interested in coordinating guild vs guild for RPPvP or just general fun fights, Vurian#1109 is my BattleTag. :smiley:

You did a great job of pushing us out of the harbor. :+1: Buliss is the man to lead the Horde to victory.

(Buliss) #104

Thanks, @Vurian.

I’ll admit, I was wondering if you guys were just trolling that day. I just decided to start fighting because War Mode has tempered me into a cold blooded killer in-game. I didn’t actually rally anyone, my guildies just came out of a war front and we tried our hand at fending you guys off.

That fight is visual proof that paladins have always been and always will be silly. : / A ret pally, hpal, and demon hunter fending off upwards of 7-10+ people who are relatively geared (360-375)???

No biggie. I’ll hit you up sometime and ask about it. Right now just trying to get through finals! I promised the 73rd some stuff as well, still trying to plan that.

(Shaysinn) #105

We’ve got lots of cool events going on lately! This week’s are “Tauri niko’Hajai” part 3 on Thursday and we are also deploying to Darkshore for a new storyline Friday!

(Velothra) #106

Definitely thinking about joining this.

(Buliss) #107

Awesome night of RBGs, 3 - 0 with the return of three of our old members who haven’t been present in our team in quite some time! An absolutely refreshing change of pace from everyone’s holiday madness/final exam hell. Hopefully we can carry the momentum on Friday!


With Stone Guard Ruscion, Centurion Danishi, and Sergeant Stormborn recovered from the Vol’kar’s now-hated enemy, the Fighting Fifth, Champion Koman’che Wildclaw finished an expedition within Highmountain to help secure the Horde’s allies and assist the remnants of the Bloodtotem Tribe.

Now, with ragged breath and weak strength, Orgrimmar’s finest seek to replenish themselves for the upcoming storm. Even in the midst of Azeroth’s worst conflict yet, a bigger threat can be felt upon the rise.

With 8.1 upon us in little more than a week, the Vol’kar has relinquished its grip on recruitment! Now, you’ll be able to find many possible recruiters in the world if you’re out role-playing. While we do not advertise in world chats (trade, defense, general) nor we do /yell, we are all quite approachable! Anyone with the rank of Sergeant or above can help you with the process of joining the Vol’kar Legion.

While many of us aren’t satisfied with BfA in its entirety, especially the lore side of things, we’ll still try our hardest to keep the memories and good feels flowing. Our three year anniversary is around the corner this upcoming Wednesday!

So long as there’s one orc and one human left on Azeroth, there will be an Alliance and Horde, with soldiers that need to protect them. Lok-Tar O’Gar!

(Shaysinn) #109

Happy anniversary Vol’kar legion! I’ve only been with you guys for about 5 and a half months (Joined on June 18th) but already I feel like you guys are my family, and I don’t know what I’d do without you guys!

The Volkar has seen me through some terrifying medical events, my depressive episodes, and just been there day in and day out to remind me that I am cared about and have friends there for me.

Buliss, you in particular have been extraordinarily patient and kind to me, even when I didn’t deserve it lol. You’re truly an excellent guild leader and you run the guild very fairly, imho.

Thank you all so much for having me in this guild. I’m so looking forward to the years to come. Congratulations to all of you on your 3 years! This is something to truly be proud of!

(Buliss) #110


Three years. Who would have thought? I never thought it’d last past the next summer after the whole RP-PvP drama fiasco that made us a target to the server.

Or the two guild schisms,

the drama,

the rumors,

the heartache,

people moving, leaving,

quitting the game,

but here we are.

Three years. That’s 9.461e+7 seconds. 1.577e+6 minutes. 26280 hours. 1095 days that we’ve survived through the muckiest garbage that everyone’s thrown at us from all angles, and we’ve made damn well sure to enjoy every moment of it. Even during the hard times, even when the WoW felt it was its least enjoyable, when we hated our classes or life went to the garbage can, we reached out and give everyone a hand, a shoulder to lean on, a friend to listen to your troubles. We’ve taught one another many things, both mechanically and in the real world.

We’ve taught each other patience, tolerance, the ability to see through another person’s point of view, and we were able to ship up from nobodies, absolute noobs, to multiple 2k+ rated teams, and SEVEN AOTCs under our belts. We may not agree with one another all the time, but that is the beauty of this guild. The essence of the in character theme of the Vol’kar Legion. No matter who we are, where we come from, we’re all the same here, working together to make lasting memories.


Quick bump and high recommendation for these folks.

(Buliss) #112

Tonight the Vol’kar deployed once again to the northwestern theatre of Kalimdor. They came just a few days late, as the Horde lost control of Darkshore. Wars never cease until the final shot is fired, though.

Far to the north, First Sergeant Eurphadion Dawnstrider took a contingent of soldiers to seek out the Horde’s old allies, the Shatterspear tribe, and see if they could be helped from the aggressive night warriors.

Just south of that, within the depths of Ameth’Aran, Senior Sergeant Galefist lead several members of the Kal’Garn to conduct counter-reconnaissance for the future expeditionary Horde forces.

Farther south, General Dolthar Blackfire took several of the Deathweavers to combat a defenseless mangrove. At least, we had believed it was defenseless…

“Operation: Shadow War” beings. (I’d link screenshots if I could!)

(Markahn) #113

Dang knife-ears poked me in the eye.

(Mystfire) #114

This is the best guild in the world, and I’m glad I joined on a whim one day. Because I found home.


During what times do Vol’kar’s guild events run typically? Except on the weekend, I can’t play earlier than 7:30pm Pacific and I’m worried that my availability would exclude me from participating in organized content.

(Shaysinn) #116

Hey Mercutius!

RBGs run at 4:30 pm server. Most RP events usually start between 5 and 6pm server time. Also, if you’re ever a bit late to an event but still want to join in, it’s not an issue! Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hello Shaysinn, I appreciate the information. Are RBGs and RP events usually during the week, the weekend, or a bit of both?

(Mystfire) #118

RBGs are pretty much standardized on Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 PM. RP events vary depending on who is running it. But RP always takes precedence over other content, and there are always people chomping at the bit to go to RP events.

(Buliss) #119

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year! The Vol’kar is rounding up to begin another busy year. I hope you are too! We’ve had so many laughs, cries, and plenty of heartache too. Wonder what’s in store in 2019. All I know is that I’ll be with you guys the whole step of the way. :heart:


dusts forum post

Holidays are taxing as always, yet many of us are enjoying the break. RBGs pick up again next week. Dazar’alor is in less than a month! The Vol’kar is currently deployed in Darkshore, reinforcing the forward camp of Bashal’Aran and conducting counterintelligence for the Horde expeditionary forces. Full-swing storylines are here soon!

The Horde Endures.