[H-RP-PvP] The Vol'kar Legion

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I love your lore stories

Join the guild then! I bet you'd love all the RP!

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I had a fun time with vathost last night

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What a crazy weekend!

Part 2 of A Light In the Darkness..
"What at first seemed like a promising recruitment of Blood Trolls into the Horde quickly turned sour. With the promise of helping find Vokur and the missing soldiers, the Argent Crusade broke ties with the Vol'kar as they travelled with the Blood Trolls to destroy an Alliance camp. However, as soon as the deed was done, the Trolls betrayed the Vol'kar, capturing them and dragging them away to be sacrificed to G'huun."

After ending on another cliffhanger (that everyone got their torches and pitchforks about), Vokur knocked it out of the park once again! What could be in store for part 3? Well, I already know, but I'm not allowed to tell you that!

After a discussion with all of the content-goers of the guild, we went into Normal Uldir and boosted a few folks to get some gear. Talk of an RP-PvP campaign is on the rise, and we may just get it around the corner! I'm super excited with the increase of RBGs, Arena teams, and raid teams. If you would have asked me two years ago about any of this, I'd say you're a liar. Time flies, people change, and nothing waits for you to catch up! Super proud and lucky to have a guild like this.

As always, love ya guys and gals!

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Part 2 of A Light In the Darkness..

This was a super fun event!

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As always, love ya guys and gals!


Looking forward to "A Hunting Moon" tonight!!

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Awesome night of RBGs last night. 4 - 2. We faced off against multiple 2k and 2.2k MMR teams. Our MMR got as high as 2k and we nearly beat a team that had 3 disc priests, a mistweaver and a vengeance demon hunter. My head still hurts thinking about it.

Awesome improvement of skill and communication by the team! Next RBG night is Friday! Seeya then. Love ya guys.

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To whomever finds this,

The guildmaster of Vol'kar Legion keeps us mages locked in a basement and drip-fed mana potions to conjure seasonal food and drink all year round. We're forced to live off our own conjured goods for sustenance. If I ever get out of here, I will never consume another pumpkin roll or spice latte again.

Please save us.

(Tis just a joke)

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Another crazy weekend has come and gone by. Our grand total of RBG matches this week ends on 8 - 4 or 7 - 5 depending on who you are and what groups you were in. Pretty good ratio, all things considered! Our MMR consistently remained in the 1900-2000 bracket. Here's hoping we can make that dream come true in the following weeks!

Not only that, but we finally made some serious progress in Uldir! We are now 6/8 Heroic. G'Huun will be ours, mark my words!

Unfortunately, we won't be able to continue that momentum next week. Only one RBG night, and the whole weekend is open for Blizzcon! Several of our members will be present in Anaheim, while the rest of us will be kicking it as a guild, hanging out, watching the contests, the panels, and playing that SWEET CLASSIC DEMO!!! It's going to rock everyone's socks off. We're also finalizing our plans for a classic guild in the future.

On the RP front:

Days after receiving a suspicious letter from a potential Alliance defector, Essalie led a squadron into Silithus to meet on neutral ground. While they had been expecting a trap, the defector was actually genuine. However, his movements were being tracked by the Fighting Fifth, and they ended up being caught in an Alliance ambush anyway. They were overwhelmed, and a number of Vol’kar were dragged through portals to an unknown location. Chak’Ga, Ithise Fleetfoot, Markahn Galefist, Iriari Danishi, Shay Stormborn, Aelsa’Mori Mystfire, and Elizabeth Highshard were all abducted by the Fighting Fifth. The remaining Vol’kar have vowed to track down and recover them, and destroy anything in their way.

Tonight, that vengeance shall be enacted. "A Lonely Bird" tonight at 6PM server, hosted by none other than Essalie Westcrown. (Tonight's event shall utilize CrossRP as well as our antagonist toons on the blue side!)

Lok-Tar O'Gar!

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After descending into the depths of a Tol Barad prison, the Vol'kar launched a surprise assault on on the Fighting Fifth. They caught them wholly off guard; cutting their way through unsuspecting guards, destroying a magic nullification field, and throwing a massive totem like a football at a certain human assassin. After overwhelming the handful of Fighting Fifth guards who were posted to watch over them, the Vol'kar hostages were found, albeit a little worse for wear and some missing a hand or two. The Fighting Fifth soldiers managed to barely escape with their lives, but a very peeved Void Elf managed to drag a weakened Iriari Danishi through another void tear. Her location is unknown, but six out of seven hostages were recovered.

...And said Void Elf paid a toll for her prize.

Epic conclusion of the small storyline, thanks again to Essalie Westcrown for stepping up and offering to conduct this!

Now the Vol'kar sits, reeling in pain and anguish from such a small operation. It goes to prove that even the tiniest of injuries can lead to a grand infection.

This week OOC has been rather empty for the Vol'kar. Several of our members are departing to BlizzCon tomorrow, and with that, we have cancelled our second RBG night this week, as well as our raid night. We are only doing tonight's SPOOKY RBGS!

This weekend, we'll be rocking out hard as a guild, screwing around on the Classic Demo and having a ton of fun making final preparations for our future plans in Classic as a guild.

Have a safe and awesome journey to the rest of you!

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Blizzcon!!!!! Have fun and stay safe. We're killing Quillboar tonight!

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Quite a wild day one of BlizzCon. Emotions are high, both positive and negative. Some exciting and scary things for the future of BfA! Even though I am admittedly dreading it, I can't wait for us to experience it!

Not to mention...


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We're back on track to a normal schedule. RBGs on for Wednesday and Friday, with "Saving Stone Guard Ruscion" Thursday at 5PM server. After presumed being dead in the sands of Vol'dun, a recovery is ordered to find the two high priority targets left behind in the Vol'kar's original crash. "R&R" as they call it.

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With forum migration in less than 24-hours, that means I have to make ANOTHER Vol'kar recruitment thread. Gosh dangit. At least there'll be new toys to play with. Here's hoping nothing bad happens with the new restrictions, eh?


New forum time hype!


this is funky and i’m not sure how i feel about it

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This is gonna take some getting used to.

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Interesting design. And here, we, go. My aim is to be able to post the actual Joker GIF of that line someday.


And so it begins…

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RBGs tonight. :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Christmas starts once your butt leaves the chair in my house. Enjoy fall before everyone starts giving gifts and eating fruitcake!


Hello, Vol’kar!

My account of eight years was hacked by bot-farmers and with the return of The Legion, and now all of BfA, I’ve been trying to get in on some roleplay ever since I worked with Blizzard to restore my account!

I’ve been a long time player on The Venture Co. Server RP/PvP server; that said, I haven’t played since the beginning of Mists and I’m looking for something fresh where I could perhaps grow and re-learn the game with a new group of roleplay companions.

Items such as Anathema/Benediction, and other achievement associated items were restored by Blizzard, yet bunches of heirlooms, and other various tier sets and items that I used for roleplay were deleted before xmog recorded that I owned them on those characters - so I’d be starting at square ‘one’ for the most part. (Honestly, I’d be more upset, but the prospect of a new RP adventure has me excited and Blizzard Support really is great and I appreciate their efforts.)

I have a Sin’dorei Demon Hunter I’m playing with that I’d love to further discuss for roleplay! I also used to casually raid from BC-WotLK and would still have interests in doing that as well as PvP for vanity purposes! (I was the SPriest “Mana Battery” in Battle for Hyjal. Lol.)

Played through Legion leveling zones while catching up on Lore, just made the plunge into BfA and Zandalar. I believe that my character concept fits well with joining the ranks of the Vol’kar what with everything so suddenly ending for a lot of Illidari after Legion. (Lord Illidan basically finished his hunt and the Illidari venture back to a war-torn Azeroth; left to deal with the titanic sword sticking out of the world. Lmao!)

I was looking for a well structured guild with actively scheduled RP events, as well as interest in Raiding, Mythic content, and PvP.; found you fine folk on the revamped forums. It’s taken me a bit of time to get back into the swing of game mechanics and stats because I feel I’ve missed out on basically four expansions and a lot has changed; thanks for understanding in advance if I accidentally wipe the party! Lol.

Hope you all are still recruiting? I have a completed character dossier for the higher-ups should I make it through the ‘semi-nonexistent’ application process. :smile:

My character’s name is ‘Khellendros’, and I’ll be sending out In-game mail relatively shortly. Thank you so much, have a Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile: