[H-RP] New Player Looking For RP Guild

Hi there.

I am fairly new to WoW, having only really played for a week but I am enjoying it so far. I used to RP on my old MMO and would like to get into it here as the lore seems interesting so far.

My main is a Forsaken Warlock, so ideally I would like a guild that would be able to accommodate this race/class somehow. As I am still learning the lore, it would also be preferred if the guild is newbie friendly too and happy to help work on backstories/explain things.

I am also visually impaired, so it takes me a little longer to process multiple people emoting, so some consideration and openness around that would be welcome.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


I would look up the Royal Apothecary Society, they’re the oldest Forsaken RP guild on the server.

Good luck in your search! If you don’t have it already I recommend the Listener addon. This may help greatly when you are RPing with groups of people.

Welcome to WoW! I’ll add you if you like in case iyou ever need any help I’d be happy to help or level with you. As far as the Royal Apothecary Society I feel like they are a little advanced for a beginner but who knows maybe it will work.

Welcome to WoW! Feel free to add me—our guild is still in the early stages of getting off the ground, but any of us would be happy to help with anything you might have questions about :smile:

Welcome to WoW and to WrA!

If you haven’t yet, check out the WrA Information and Directories thread. There are a bunch of adverts there for guilds, communities, and recurring public events, as well as some tips and links to RP guides.

Reading through the guild recruitment ads might help you pick out a few to approach and, if it’s not made clear in their forum post, ask about their willingness to show a new player the lore ropes.

Good luck on your search!

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Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions. Feel free to add me if you wish, am always looking for tips and advice for levelling and lore as well as people to chill with.

This community seems great so far and I am glad I have decided to give this game a go.

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This is a great community for new players, for sure. Feel free to PM me in-game or on discord (I’m not on much lately but discord is always open! - Shay#4167 ) if you have any questions or would like to RP!

IDK the extent of your visual impairment, but I have trouble with mine (mostly with movements on top of being HELLA blind if I don’t have glasses) so I downloaded an addon called Listener which helps a TON.
It makes an audio cue when someone mentions my character’s name (either Shay which is my TRP sheet first-name or my full in-game character name) but also helps me organize “important” people in larger RP groups. They have a window (“snooper”) that shows each of your targets previous posts in the chat!