[H-RP] <Honor Amongst Wolves> Recruiting!

Hey guys it’s Utenka. As some of the Horde may have noticed as well as some Alliance. The Kor’kron Legion has undergone a bit of a change. We are now Honor Amongst Wolves! A neutral mercenary unit.

Why you may ask? Well as the years have gone by TKL had strived to show that we are not the Kor’kron from the days of Garrosh. Striving to serve and protect the Horde’s people rather than the will of the Warchief. Unfortunately we were never truly ever able to shake this stigma. Now enter the current expansion as well…Up until just recently, the Horde had been continually moving down a dark path in the overarching scheme of things. A path the Kor’kron were not about to traipse down once more.

So, we separated ourselves. Those wishing to protect not just the Horde’s people. But those in danger across Azeroth from threats not just by Sylvanas, but looming as a threat to the world as well (Naga, Old Gods, pockets of demons, etc.) The Wolves are committed to defending Azeroth, bringing the defunct Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner to justice, upholding the burden that Saurfang sacrificed his life for, and holding true to the tenants that were set down by Thrall for the New Horde at the time of it’s creation. Strength, honor, family, freedom, and hope.

We are open to any and all looking to stand in defense of Azeroth. To stand united as Saurfang believed and died for.

V- Below is pretty much how things stood whilst TKL -V

–The Nitty Gritty–

  • We are a close knit group of players that have a lengthy shared experience here on Moon Guard (Some of us have been with the guild for 6+ years). This by no means means that we’re a non inclusive group. We seek to promote well-meaning interactions between us and those on the server. If you see us in Orgrimmar standing around. Do not feel imposed or hesitant to come start up a conversation.
  • On a normal night with nothing going on you’re only likely to see 1-2 people on for any long length of time. Hopefully this will change as we get new people.
  • Patience will be a virtue while we work to pull more people into our ranks. Getting the right kind of people in a guild isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s easy enough to just open the flood gates and invite anyone and anything that comes and wants to join. But we would prefer quality over quantity. This also brings us into the next tag…
  • Activity: If you are looking to join HAW please…please… please only do so on a character that you actually plan on being active with.
  • Guild Chat is IC via totems (comms) and we have our own Community that is used for OOC chat in-game. As well as Discord for a variety of both IC and OOC purposes.
    *RP: The core of the realm and our community. We strive to bring story and quality roleplay experiences to our members and those we interact with abroad. Be it casual RP, events, or our own roll events using our D20 system. Event times usually happen between 7-8pm server and end by 11pm server.
  • Other PvE Content: We make an effort to schedule things such as Island Expedition runs, Mog runs, Warfronts, etc on our calendar every month consistently.

Discord is a must if you want to join HAW as that’s where most of the behind-the-scenes stuff happens. Pop onto our server and you can find more information in regards to the guild and it’s rules both IC and OOC. https: //discord. gg/8A8KGUK (Remove the space after https: and before gg)


These folks are awesome! I’ve RPd with them individually and we’ve been at a bunch of group events together, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a good RP guild who also does lots of other fun stuff together. A+ RPers and A+ people.

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I hope everything goes great for you guys under your new banner!

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Thanks! :smiley:

We’ll see you all tonight at the Guild Expo!

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I think things will really pick up when we get to the 8.3 content.

Very excited, we’ll be trying to do Mechagon! Squeee!

Always looking for newcomers helping to build our community! Even if the thread gets a little buried now and again. =D

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Utenka and Co. have been, are, and will always be good people.

Just avoid pissing off the goblins that hang out with him, because they WILL swing for the knees.


Who’s ready to go insane tomorrow?!?!

sets up the Llama hitching post The Wolves are openly accepting our new vulpine allies into it’s ranks when the patch drops!
We’re currently in the middle of a campaign that’s going to run well into 8.3’s cycle. So, come join the Wolves as we deal with the effects of N’zoth and his minions!

digs up post

Been tied up in so much stuff IRL and In-game that I forgot this thing got buried >_>.

So, the aforementioned campaign is starting to near it’s conclusion. But it’s been a lot of fun working alongside a handful of Alliance and Horde guilds during it’s course!

Right now we’re involved in the server campaign going on in Pandaria as well!

And we have our yearly Memorial Day Ride coming up at the end of the month!

Feel free to search us in the Guild Finder in-game. Or pop in our Discord at: https: //discord. gg/8A8KGUK (remove the spaces)