đź’°[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises is Hiring!

(Tamanii) #78

The Midsummer Revelry is going down this weekend, among other things!


Very apt name, btw.



steers wheel driven ship into the thread

attaches thread to sail

hoists that dang ol’ thing to the top of the forum


(Tamanii) #81

Sunday is the final day of the Midsummer Revelry! Hope to see you there!


Bump cause it’s Tuesday and there’s so much going on this week!


Bump! Great group of people and events.

(Tamanii) #84

If you check the 3rd post in the thread, you’ll see your weekly update from your one and only: me!


Good guild. Good people. Good times.

(Grimoria) #86

We go together like shinga dinga boo dum ba bump de bump!


So much going on this weekend! Tonight hanging out at the Tail and tomorrow Firebrand heads to Daekmoon Faire thanks to yours truly.

(Tamanii) #88

Friendship Fridays at the Argent Tournament grounds this evening! Come join us!


Something cool and awesome.

(Tamanii) #90

Thank you for the totally unsolicited endorsement, random elf that I absolutely do not know and definitely have no previous affiliation with!

(Pst, your payment is in the mail.)

(Shaysinn) #91

Very cool peeps.

10/10, can recommend with 4.79 stars.

(Please direct payment to shaysinn)

(Veendell) #92

I sent 2500g. My usual payment is five grand but that’s only for 5 stars.


Super cool peeps.

10/10, can recommend with 5 stars.

(please send payment to Shays-I mean…Annabella.)

(Veendell) #94

Sent. Don’t reject my money like Shaysinn did.

(Tamanii) #95

Hey, It’s Sunday! I know you’re out there. Come hang out with us!


I’m looking at the guild calendar this week and there is so much going on and it’s all different things. I’ve never seen such a more diverse and active guild than Firebrand Enterprises.

(Tamanii) #97

Firebrand Enterprises is going to be hanging out in the Wyvern’s Tail later tonight if you want to join us! We’ll also be in the Drag as part of the Guild Faire this weekend! Come get recruited!