[H] Rogue LF Guild f/M+


Hey all, just looking for a guild to have fun and push keys with. Recently left my raiding guild due to swapping to a different shift and being unable to make their times. I am willing to step in to raid as needed, as well as transfer transfer realm/faction for the right fit. See below for a bit about me:

IGN: Asphyxa
Current Realm: Illidan
Current Faction: Horde
Current Class/Spec: Rogue/Primarily Outlaw
Experience: Finished Uldir 3/8M, finished Legion #22 Disc Priest on Stormrage [M+]
Times: Negotiable
Discord: Aphyxa#6255
BNet: Aphyxa#1868

Hit me up on either Discord or BNet if you’d like to chat!


I’ve sent you a friend request on BNet. If you’d like to come into our Discord to chat about the guild, I can make time for that. We’re an Alliance guild on Icecrown and have folks who enjoy keys. I’m confident that you could get multiple keys in each week considering our activity. We are a casual guild and have two separate BoD runs (Wed is the progression run) but raiding is not required of members. I understand server transfers are annoying but considering the amount of folks who transferred and are still with us I can’t help but mention that you should have a chat with me about the guild sometime.




Great guy!, Great personality! Good fit for any guild looking for a solid player!


Still searching for a home.