[H][Rexxar-Misha] 329 Ret pally raid-baby looking for friendos


Hey there. Been playing WoW for the past two years basically on my own. Any guild I join is dead within a couple weeks or is silent for 90% of the day.
(If it still says I’m in a guild, I am not, on a related note)

I wanted to start doing some casual raiding, but considering my work hours are nightly and across the weekend, I never fit into normal schedules. So, all I really want now, is to find some people who’ll be up at 4am EST and feel like shooting the shot with me.

I’ve only ran three or four BfA dungeons; would love to play more of them with some friendly folk.

I’m not sure if posting my damage logs is too important, considering I’m a fairly low priority hire. They’re okay. ¯|(ツ)
I work Friday through Tuesday, nights.

Thanks for considering.

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ecruiting for Progression!

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motivated and organized raiders!

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ecruiting DPS and Healers!